Who warns Gift participants at first glance about SVT?

The channel blames itself for the problems

Pie recipe:

Eight participants and three experts.

So who’s to warn about love-filled TV dates for SVT?

SVT has finished another season of Married At First Sight, the series that, through experts sympathetic to important titles, proclaims itself to be something better than a reality show.

Seen as a touch of fine culture, librarians, librarians, and doctoral students can happily indulge in Martha and Axel’s latest eating or Jonas weep unbearably without feeling the quivering vultures.

Another reason is that the public service behind it, the love encounters organized by the state in the arsenal to the tunes of Laleh are of course more beautiful than the chaotic lies in the “paradise hotel”. or?

Jonas and Martin on “Married at First Sight” this year.

The responsible publisher of SVT (o?) For the programme, last year Christina Hill channeled her inner Blondinbella and wrote a blog post on SVT.se in which she criticized the media covering “Married At First Sight” for treating participants carelessly and researching Sweden’s biggest newspaper (without mentioning anyone)” attitude More humble towards people who are brave enough (to participate), otherwise the danger will soon be imminent that ordinary people will no longer wish to stand in public.”

If you’ve applied for one of the biggest reality series in the country, interest is included, and those who don’t want to be exposed do their best to look for love as far away from the SVT cameras as possible. But perhaps there is something to it in the fact that some of the participants have been treated quite well, even by well-known media outlets. Of course there have to be limits, I agree with Hill. The harshest climate, however, is on social media, where it can sometimes lack pedigree, which is something we all need to be involved in and take responsibility for, but it’s not entirely independent of how SVT and production do their work. It is important that SVT not be allowed to blame everyone else.

I was darkened by the dating queen

So what a responsibility Then they have SVT themselves, not least the responsible blog… – I mean publisher? Love-affected participants put their innermost existence in the hands of the SVT, how well has the channel managed through its progression? I find it hard to see that the experts have been serious about some of this year’s matches. Poor becomes the production pilot pair, the one who didn’t get enough replacements but got a “match” and a place on the show anyway.

Sure, it’s titillation watching two incredibly unequal parties frustrated by the lack of spark, but the price for SVT’s willingness to experiment is being paid by the participants themselves. While dreams of love in this year’s season were shattered one by one, the channel was looking for new participants, and according to one of the participants this year who wanted to remain anonymous, the production itself internally admitted that it had done a bad job and would review the layout.

After Hill’s suggestion, I searched for her once, twice, and three times in an effort to continue the dialogue she seemed to be searching for. She dodged the phone, SMS and email. Or ghosts like SVT’s own dating queen can put it down.

This is a trivial business idea for SVT.

According to the sources, SVT warned participants about the media, and taught them that we are some to watch out for.

But the show is based on a crazy idea: marry a stranger. It’s a tickle because it’s so stupid and the responsibility for the welfare of the participants rests largely with the people making the selection and the person doing the broadcast. Although mistakes at work can be camouflaged with summer music, everything intimate should be broadcast to viewers. Viewers who interact. This is a trivial business idea for SVT.

So. Who warns participants about SVT?

What the channel needs is the courage to give up a season if you can’t find participants who match each other.

Everything else is actually obnoxious.

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