We are like night and day

After 60 years of marriage, Marietta Orberg Olsson and Anders Olsson are still in love. A sense of alienation welds them together, despite their differences.
– We are like night and day, but a good recipe, says Marietta.

Marietta Orberg was only 15 years old and Anders Olsson was 20 when they first met. He made the cloth in Kristianstad, where Marietta lives.

– We always had military men in the house and our mother wanted us to be together. Marietta said Anders was very nice.

She had never looked at a man before, but Anders was adamant that Marietta was the one he wanted.

– She was very sweet, he says.

On August 25, 1962, the couple married at the Filadelfia Church in Kristianstad. Gusta Lindahl was in charge of the wedding and devotees were fully invited.

The basement was filled with flower arrangements and people came as they pleased, recalls Marietta, who wore an eight-meter white tulle wedding dress with a myrtle crown on her head.

She had a dream of a music academy, but now marriage awaits her. Two years later their son was born. Anders was abroad for business and Marietta was on her own when complications arose.

– The doctor said that the child probably will not live. Pulled with a suction cup. They continued to work for three-quarters of an hour. But once he got out he was pretty much alive and screaming a lot. It was a miracle.

After giving birth, Marietta suffered from postpartum depression.

– The doctor prescribed Valium and said “You should take this”. She says I ate it for twenty years.

The couple then lived in Malmö, but returned to Kristianstad in 1971 and joined a congregation they had previously belonged to. A desire to evangelize prompted the couple to create Jesushuset in the early 1970s, a gathering place for those who wanted to come, talk, pray and sing. They stayed on a floor in the city center. After this initiative, Marietta and Anders felt ostracized by the parish community.

– We did not ask the church first, because then nothing would have happened. We wanted to be real missionaries, says Marietta later.

Music has always been important to them. Anders got the idea to rent the folk garden and took famous Christian artists there.

– I called the manager of the popular park and arranged for Utbult, Samuelsons, Sparring, and Det funkar to come there. The Jerusalem band came to the concert hall. We paid them out of our pocket.

Marietta had another idea.

We bought advertising space on public buses. 14 bus rides with messages: “Jesus is the best thing that can happen to you” and “Jesus died for you.”

The couple also played musical instruments themselves. Marietta has played the piano since the age of seven and Anders has been playing the saxophone. They sang and played together in the squares and in the churches that allowed this. They still do. Songs by Einar Ekberg and Göte Strandsjö are included in the reference.

The constant feeling of exclusion in the church made Marietta think about what true freedom is. After attending therapy, she trained as a psychiatrist and graduated in 1988.

To feel all the difficult things and be reconciled. She says it’s the most amazing thing.

In the process of her own recovery, she began writing poems. There were 500 people and she collects them in a book.

The couple also learned to dance and say it helped them keep their love alive.

I’ve never been so in love as when we hug, get close and let go, says Marietta.

Anders counters:

– Still very beautiful. It’s a wonder she bore with me.

Marietta explains that they are completely different. She likes to think big about things, while Anders is a little hotter.

“We’re like day and night, but it’s a good recipe anyway,” she says.

God has been merciful to us. Anders says we are most afraid of one dying before the other.

Facts: Marietta and Anders

  • Live: Kristianstad.
  • Family: Varandra, son Bar and daughter Joanna, grandchildren and great-grandchildren on the way.
  • Currently: Celebrating 60 years of marriage on August 25.
  • Celebration: in unity.
  • Previous career: Anders Olsson went to Hässleholm Technical School. In 1976 he founded his own company K. Anders Olsson, where he sold answering machines and cell phones. He’s owned the company for 30 years.
  • Marietta Orberg Olsson had her own psychology clinic, first in Kristianstad and then Ronneby.
  • Marietta’s Interests: The Ongoing Daily Conversation with Anders and Knitting of Woolen Blankets (I made 35 of them).
  • Anders interests: Doing crossword puzzles, playing the saxophone, and singing.
  • Favorite song: I love you for a thousand good reasons.
  • Favorite Bible word: This is the day the Lord has made. Let’s rejoice and be happy. Psalm 118:24.

Poem by Marietta Orberg Olson:

In heaven I will dance

In heaven I will sing

Then I bear no burdens

No heavy thoughts

Pain is gone

I stand there and explain for free

I will dance in heaven

Yes, sing, just dance.

(March 29, 1992).

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