Virtual reality is Cronan’s recipe – Pharmavers poses: “The Experiment”

Few had heard of the Metaverse just a year ago. But everything changed at the end of October last year. The Metaverse suddenly ended up on many people’s lips — when Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerburg announced that the company would change its name to Meta — and build a 3D digital world, accessible via virtual reality glasses.

In this parallel digital world, we should be able to do everything from shopping to going to concerts and hanging out with friends and colleagues. The interaction will be via digital variables of the self, the so-called avatars.

700 square meters large

But Kronans Apotek appears to have put a direct mark on the concept, and sees great potential.

Ehandel recently reported that during the spring they experimented with allowing customers to order items from pharmacies, on the Kronan Metaverse platform. It was a pop-up digital pharmacy, in association with the Metaverse platform Metabloxz.

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Together, they have now built a 700 square meter digital world, accessible via virtual reality glasses. Now it’s time for the next step in this world. This time the investment is under the name “Pharmaverse”. Cronan, in a press release, wrote this about the project:

Cronan Pharmacy continues its journey of digital innovation and is now developing a new digital concept surface in the Metaverse. The trial, called Pharmaverse, will explore the potential to be able to accommodate everything from training, events, digital health meetings and counseling to training, therapy talks and shopping in the future.

Our Test Forward

First of all, the focus should be on training in “Pharmavers”. But in the future, beta testing and trials linked to the digital care meeting are also scheduled. This is “to assess the prospects of being able to work with digital health and support specialized at-home treatments in the future.”

The development of Pharmaverse is an opportunity for us to experiment and test ourselves up to the role of digitization in the development of future care, not least from a sparsely populated perspective. Instead of spending several million and thousands of hours developing, we learn along the way by meeting the client and reality as close to the journey as possible, comments Hannes Hasselrot, CEO of Kronans Apotek.

Horizon – a first step

In the vision of Meta founder Mark Zuckerburg, the Metaverse will eventually be able to live a nearly full (digital) life, without ever having to leave home.

At the end of last year, Meta rolled out its Metaverse Horizon Worlds platform, in beta. To date, in order to participate in this digital world, you must be based in the USA or Canada, be 18 years old – and have access to Oculus Quest glasses, ie Meta VR glasses.


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