Vårdcentralen Dalbo writes fewer prescriptions for drug addiction

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Over the past five-and-a-half years, Vårdcentralen Dalbo has cut addictive drug prescribing in half, the Kronoberg district writes on its website.

The Dalbo Health Center has many patients who take addictive drugs, such as sleeping pills and sedatives. Patients of all ages, some with war trauma, mentally ill, pain patients, etc.

– Patients used to come and renew the prescription. Many of them have taken the drug for too long, says Violetta Manchuca, a district physician at the health center.

The health center has introduced clear routines and adapted the central guidelines for its own activities. When an addictive drug is prescribed in a health center, the responsibility of the prescribing physician is a clear indication. Recipes are printed at short intervals and in small packages, and need is often assessed. From the start, there is a plan for how to phase out the drug. Patients must also come and provide samples of alcohol and drugs to get their prescriptions.

– In this way, we find out if they are taking a lot of medicine, if they are combined with other medicines obtained elsewhere, or if they have taken a large amount of alcohol with the tablets. It gives an overall picture. For example, alcohol could be the real cause of anxiety, says Violetta Manchuca and continues:

Our goal is not to reduce prescribing addictive drugs, but those who do not need addictive drugs should not get them.

Violetta Manchuca is a district physician at the health center and has noticed many positive effects of the work.

Most people feel better when they reduce their addiction. They have been taking the tablets for so long that they have not found out that they no longer help, they are just addicted. She says I even have patients who have returned to the job market.

Work at Dalbo Vårdcentral to reduce prescribing of addictive drugs came third in the Quality Award within the Kronoberg District 2021.

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