Three-course meal in one hour – a recipe for the Easter menu …

Easter dinner in one hour
Photo: Joel Warus

The recipe for a three-course menu is perfect for cooking and serving for Easter. Of course there’s lamb gratin, creamy potatoes, and a delicious dessert with chocolate to finish off the dinner.

Cooking a festive three-course dinner doesn’t have to take long. Especially when the recipes are relatively easy to prepare and you also get tips on how to prepare the dishes. Last but not least, there are recommendations for drinks that fit this Easter springtime menu.

Ulla Karlström, the recipe maker, about the menu:

– Easy and wonderful to cook on the Easter holiday. I associate the holiday with cute spring candles, lamb dishes, and chocolate fudge. Start the evening with a fresh sour ceviche with salmon and scallops. Racks of fried lamb, sky red wine, creamy potato gratin with goat cheese and sweet baked tomatoes for the main course. I promise, you can also treat yourself to a lemon white chocolate mousse garnished with sour raspberries and some cute little chocolate eggs on top.


Make the chocolate mousse and set aside to cool.

We finish the ceviche and leave it aside to cool.

Peel the potatoes and cook them soft.

Mix with cream of goat cheese.

Fry the lamb chops and let them rest under the sandwich paper.

Make a red wine cloud.

Cook the potato and tomato gratin.

Appetizer with salmon

Main dish with lamb and potato gratin

White chocolate candy

Match food and drink for Easter dinner

To CEVICHE: Kloster Eberbach Riesling Cabinet 2020 (5810) Germany, 109 SEK. A semi-dry white wine with delicate sweetness balanced with fresh fruit acid.

For lamp shelves: Belleruche Côtes-du-Rhône Chapoutier 2020 (75764), France, 129 kroner. A fruity and generous wine with hints of licorice, pepper plants and herbs. Balance and length in bait.

To the white chocolate mouse: Calvet Réserve du Ciron 2018 (4029), France, 119 kroner (37.5 cl). A sweet white Sauternes wine with a hint of honey, dried apricots and a touch of citrus.

Alcohol-free for beginners: Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling (11901) Germany, 69 kr. A non-alcoholic white wine with apple and citrus-like features with a slight sweetness at the end.

Alcohol-free dishes: Jus Griotte Alain Milliat (1913), France, 79 crowns. It should be made of cherries, here fresh citrus, hints of almonds and herbs.

Recipe: Ola Karlstrom; Styling: Petra Lindstrand Photo: Joel Wåreus

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