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Journalist Lars Moberg, from Rörbäcksnäs and living in Falun, has been working for many years as a foreign correspondent for SVT. Here you can read his reactions to what is happening in Ukraine.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: TT/AP

A completely incomprehensible and persistent madness is not far off.

Torture and mutilate people. The horrific abuse of innocent people who fall victim to indiscriminate violence. Pictures you do not want to leave the retina.

How many potjas will we see? Is Borodjanka worse? How many dead in the bombing of Mariupol?

What stories and photos have not reached us yet?

It is almost impossible to comprehend. And only after that, Timofey Sergeyev comes with his ideological pamphlet in support of the Russian war.

Coffins in a cemetery in Botja, Ukraine. Mortuaries are full or bombed. Photo: AP / Felipe Dana


And according to the reality of the aggressor state, it is so special military operation processing. The media is banned or heavily censored and anyone who talks about the war in Russia is imprisoned.


Then it appears that the article was recently published by the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, the content of which was indicated in DN 6/4. The text was written by a national philosopher who is a friend of Putin named Timofey Sergeyev.

According to President Putin, Ukraine must be “uprooted” and its population saved from genocide, a distorted view of reality undesirable in the mind of George Orwell. In the novel “1984” he gave, more than 70 years ago, a dystopian description of the future society there War is peace And Freedom is slavery.

Photo: TT

Here Sergeev comes on time and, most likely, was previously approved by the Kremlin with a frightening ideological basis for the president’s madness. Like Putin, Sergeyev stated that the state of Ukraine lacked justification and that Ukrainians were Nazis who should be eliminated.

A recipe for ethnic cleansing and genocide.

And recommends forced labor for those who worked in the old system, or the death penalty.

In tightly censored Russia, Putin is gaining sympathy, especially among the elderly, through his rhetoric about the war against the Nazis, the purely imaginative embryo of Ukraine. But here is an important background.



Great Patriotic War, the Russian name for World War II, claimed the lives of about 20 million Russian civilians and military personnel. They died in the war and the struggle against Nazism. The words of Putin and now Sergeev evoke the memories and emotions surrounding a difficult but glorious chapter in Russian history. Victory is celebrated this time every year with parades on May 9. Is it the military success that Putin intends to celebrate at this year’s military parade?

A family wanders through devastated neighborhoods in Botja. Photo: AP / Felipe Dana

Now Ukraine will become Russian and the Nazis will go, says Sergeev. The liberated areas should not be called Ukraine. De-Nazification must be at least one generation. It is possible that the western part existed as its own state, but only if it met the Russian requirements for strict neutrality, otherwise new wars.

Timefej Sergeytsev’s article is a frightening read. I shudder every day because of new reports of abuses against the Ukrainian people.

When should the madness stop?

When will this dark chapter in European history end?

Tanya Nidashkevska, 57, mourns her husband, who was murdered in Potja. Photo: AP / Rodrigo Abd

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