The winning recipe is FAST SPEED – no goals behind you

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Växjö’s Deslava Dupuy employed three opponents during the 6-0 win against Alfsho.Photo: Urban Nelson

An eighth straight win, 6-0 this week at home against fellow Alfsho, means it’s now been 379 minutes since the Växjö goalkeeper Louise Hugrell Ledbetter Acknowledge a goal.

Then Gitex Alexandra Hilkant On August 6, he tied 1–1 after 71 minutes at the Visma Arena, and no opponent managed to outsmart “Lollo”.

After the 3-1 victory over Jitex, Växjö won, with Högrell Ledbetter, 4-0 (against Sundsvall), 6-0 (Bromölla), 1-0 (Lidköping) and 6-0 (lvsjö).

On two occasions against Älvsjö, Luiz was saved from the crossbar, but as you know, the posts and the crossbar are the goalkeeper’s best friends.

The same could probably be said of the centre-back.

In the case of Hugril Ledbetter, that’s right Emma Pensateer And the Thea Bergerud which forms a shield in front of the goalkeeper. Bergerud now plays with great balance and was Bensatir’s worst opponent in the match against Alfsho the angry wasp…

On the other hand, Växjö’s defenders have managed to keep close behind and produce new strikers. Sophia Riedenstrand He was the top scorer in Växjö with a goal and 2 assists during Amanda Altiden He scored his first goal this season.

“In midfield, Alexandra Jonasson and Olivia Mattson behind Elaine Nelson are perhaps the best movers of the series.”

Even offensive DFF players have good self-confidence. The trio who started against Alfsho scored the points and the substitute Mimi Stromgreen It was also noted in the target report.

in the midfield Alexandra Jonasson And the Olivia Mattson behind Ellen Nelson Perhaps the best “engine” in the series.

And it’s important that all of the puzzle pieces for Växjö are in place as you await a crucial period in the quest to upgrade to Damallsvenskan for Obo.

In two weeks’ time (starting on Sunday 18 September), Växjö will face second place in the Uppsala table (away), second place RIK Karlskoga (home) and fourth place in the IFK Norrköping table (away).

Växjö failed to defeat Uppsala or Norrköping at home. The score was 1-1 in both matches. But today’s Växjö is a team that takes in much more finishes than did the spring Växjö – and in addition, the defense is at least now at least as much as it was then.

Between matches against Uppsala and Karlskoga, Växjö will face Allsvenskan 11 IFK Kalmar in the third round of the Swedish Cup.

IFK Kalmar and Växjö DFF prioritize the league match, of course, but the derby is a derby and a coveted place in the winter group stage at stake at the Gröndals IP on September 21.

Speaking of coveted places, it has taken over the years nearly 55 points to finish second at worst in Elitettan (therefore moving up to the top of the league). Växjö currently has 47 points with seven rounds left to play.

But the distance to third place Alingsås is only two points. Everything points to the major drama that will end at the latter, as the main matches for Växjö will be the previously mentioned matches against Uppsala and Norrköping as well as the home match against Alingsås on October 29.

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