The United States: The Russian army is repeating its mistakes

Heavy fighting is currently taking place in eastern Ukraine, mainly centered around the city of Severodonetsk, where the Russians are said to be making little progress.

But an official from the US Pentagon says that the “slow” pace of Russian forces is breaking them and that their offensive capacity has decreased by about 20 percent, which was reported by the New York Times. It was also reported that a source from the Pentagon said that Russia had lost about a thousand tanks since the start of the war.

“Deep shortcomings in the Russian army”

In April, Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed General Alexander Dvornikov as the new commander, which was seen as a sign or even an acknowledgment that the Russian plan was not going well.

The new commander has not been seen for two weeks, which has led some international officials to speculate about whether he is still in a strategic war position.

According to Frederic Kagan, senior member and director of the Critical Threats Project at the American Enterprise Institute, the invasion “is not much different in the East compared to the way it proceeded in the West, because they did not change the character of the Russian army.”

There are some deep deficiencies in the Russian arm that they haven’t been able to fix in recent weeks, even if they tried. He continued that the shortcomings are deep and fundamental.

Lacks independent thinking

Frederic Kagan believes that the shortcomings are partly due to the fact that Russian non-commissioned officers lack independent thinking. The Russian military follows a Soviet doctrine in which forces at the bottom of the hierarchy do not have the authority to point out “obvious shortcomings in strategy or make adjustments”.

Evelyn Farkas, a former Pentagon official from the Obama administration, says Putin remains deeply involved in the war.

We constantly hear that Putin is getting more and more involved. We know presidents who interfere in operational military decisions are a recipe for disaster, said Evelyn Farkas.

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