The teacher’s job makes the food profile sharpen the recipes

Clara Engmire, home-and-consumer knowledge educator, keeps pace with the “100 Small Dishes” cookbook. Pictured: Andre de Lewisted

Food profile Clara Ingemer, home educator and consumer knowledge, has made a huge splash with her Instagram account A Thousand Small Plates. Today, she has 53,000 followers and has become the creator of educational recipes – thanks to her students.

It was Alfred, Clara Ingemer’s husband, who made her Instagram account a reality. A couple of years ago, he got tired of eating cold food every night because Clara Ingemer was always photographing her dishes before dinner, so she could send the recipes to family and friends.

– But unfortunately we still eat very cold food, she jokes and adds that her brain is attached to food all the time. From morning until you turn off the bedside lamp.

“Helps me become more educational”

Today she has 53,000 followers and Clara Ingmer sees advantages only through her dual roles as a teacher at Fågelbacksskolan in Malmö and food profile on Instagram.

– Teaching job questioned helps me become more educator. For example, I became better at writing recipes on Instagram. And as a teacher, I get direct feedback from the students about what works and not with the recipes we make, which is very good because it becomes so lively when I cook by myself.

Klara Ingemyr is run by testing new taste buds, preferably max with acid, salt or umami. Or in the form of new interpretations of classic dishes.

In April, she released her first cookbook, “100 Small Dishes – And How You Can Combine Them,” a fascinating story whose title speaks volumes for the content.

The book helps you combine small plates into a full dinner, where dinner guests can share many small plates, from light meals to dishes that require a bit more commitment, she says.

We can improve food culture

Clara Ingemer has many students who are interested in food. One area that sparks commitment in class is food from different cultures.

– I think we hkk educators can evolve in food culture. It’s incredibly exciting, but it should be included in other teaching, and not in a separate work area. Why not pay attention to Chinese New Year with dumplings or challah bread while talking about the holidays of different cultures, rather than Lucia bread as Christmas approaches.

Clara Engmire believes that another important part of a hkk teacher’s role is not to talk about food as right or wrong, unhealthy or healthy.

You have to be very fluid when working with teenage students. Food can evoke thoughts and feelings of all kinds. The message to students should be: “Here we are talking respectfully about food.”

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