The prescription of the healthcare sector increases the proportion of women among female entrepreneurs

27 percent of all companies in Sweden are run by women. Disappointing character. The fact that more women are running companies is not only an issue of gender equality but also an issue of resource liberation, innovation and growth across the country. That’s why it’s fun and important to highlight industries that shine exceptions – like care and nursing. Here, more than twice as many women run companies (61 percent) and in Kronoberg 60.4 percent.

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Frida Boklund, Regional Director of Företagarna Kronoberg.

To understand why the healthcare sector is so powerful and needs attention, one must understand the importance of the policy decisions that made women’s leadership in health and care possible. Informed decisions with freedom of choice reforms such as LOV in Aged Care and Care Choices in Health Care have created entrepreneurial opportunities for women across the country.

It also has to do with the fact that many women work in government-run care and nursing. It goes without saying that in the areas where you can have networks where you can also start a business. Entrepreneurship also offers greater freedom and increased self-determination.

New innovations are needed more than ever in health and care. In a small company, the decision paths are shorter and it is faster to create something new and try other paths. He then brought with him the best of the public sector, while at the same time adding new and innovative approaches to problems that municipalities and regions could also benefit from. It is necessary to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Making work equal takes time. Therefore, industries in which women’s leadership is getting stronger should be rewarded rather than made more difficult. We are seeing a worrying development as more and more detailed requirements are being introduced regarding how care and nursing should be performed. It forces companies to become almost a copy of the public sector, which the entrepreneur and her clients have chosen to leave.

LOV and its sister laws have given us more women-run care companies, and it’s worth protecting. So our call to politicians in Kronoberg is to foster freedom of choice and reforms clearly in the detailed regulations. This gives us more women running companies, more workplaces for talented employees to choose from and a variety of activities for those for whom they exist – the sick and the elderly.

Frida Boklund, Regional Director Företagarna Kronoberg

Sabina Joyo, Director of Business Policy, Vårdföretagarna

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