The plumber’s burger in Visby worked – here’s his recipe

Posted on Apr 5, 2022, 8:01

Plumbing apprentice Benjamin Ljungberg of Gotland finished third at Hamburger-SM. He’s now opened a food truck, but hasn’t quit plumbing. “The goal is to get your plumbing business started for the long-term because that’s where the money is,” he says and introduces his Smashburger recipe.

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“It was a race with people he was going to show the room to.”

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“The biggest drawback is that the day has very few hours.”

Congratulations for the bronze medal at Hamburger-SM! How did you participate in the competition?

– Thank you so much! My friend Rasmus, who is a chef, wrote me that SampeV2, a big YouTuber, would go to Gotland and try the burgers. I wrote to this YouTuber that he should come over to my house and try our hamburger. He did and he said it was very good. Sambi wanted us to compete in the Swedish Championship so we decided to do it.

How did you come up with the recipe?

We might have had three or four burgers and chose what we felt was good enough – Smashburger.

I just opened a food truck that pulled long lines from day one. Would you fully invest in cooking now?

No, I work 80 percent as a plumber and drive the food truck the rest of the week.

How do you combine plumbing and hamburgers?

– It works fine anyway. Many plumbers love burgers, they are real artisan food. The talk is about the food truck so I think it feels really good.

How do you feel about your plumbing job?

– I’ve worked for a year as a trainee now. It’s going well and I’ve learned a lot. There’s a lot to take in, but now you’re starting to understand new heating systems and other things in the plumbing world. Once you understand a few things, you start to see the connections. You have to work and let your creativity flow in this profession.

“It was a really big activity, it was scorching sunshine and so I just stood there on the styrofoam”

What do you need to think of as a plumber?

– The most important thing I would say is to be patient and always ask if you have any questions. You should ask once more than risk making a mistake while working. When things go wrong, things can go awry. It could be, for example, water damage. Plumbing is very important and dangerous. You should take things simple and be careful when working. You learn eventually but it takes some time.

Is it fun to meet and help people at work?

– I’m a very social person so I think it’s fun to talk to people. Then, of course, it also happens that you come home to people who are not cheerful, but that’s what you have to take.

Did you do any work that was more fun to do?

– We built a new warehouse with an area of ​​700 square meters at work. There we then put in 3.6 km of floor heating for a day with everyone in the company. There was a lot of movement really, the scorching sun and so I just stood there on the styrofoam. It’s going to be very hot, but it was fun. I think there were 36 episodes in total and 700 square meters divided into 6 rooms. I’ve installed underfloor heating before, but at least I haven’t done it extensively.

what do you want to do in the future?

– Now I’m starting this food truck to prepare myself to start my own plumbing business, because that’s where the real money is made. When I’ve been a plumber for ten years, I might start with myself. This may be the long-term plan.

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“You can make really good money”

Here are the ingredients in Benjamin Ljungberg’s Smashburger:

Fried beef with equal parts of sirloin, entrecote and sirloin

The sebum from lean beef to fry

Smoked, Crispy, Crispy Pork

Potato bun bread

Leek sauce with apple cider vinegar and maple syrup

Umamima mayonnaise with finely chopped roasted garlic. Season with a little message (Asian spices), black pepper and salt.

Cheese: Pepper jack, two slices, and cheese, two slices

Benjamin Ljungberg

age: 19 years

exercise: I dropped out of high school plumbing this summer

job: Intern at Roma Sanitet Production AB

Interests: Mecca with cars, gym and burger for cooking

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