The happy home cook delivers newspapers and mail at night

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Distributing mail, newspapers, and parcels requires great care and planning. Each shipment is sorted in the correct order and matched to addresses and how small roads meander and turn. wrong and you have to go back. A bit like biathlon. If you don’t pay in full, you will have to go to a penalty round.

For Öland’s Kent Soderlund, it’s been many years since he had to flip the car and take another ride. After 14 years, you become an expert and know your area as well as your own kitchen. And speaking of kitchens…

You distribute at night, serve delivery vans in the morning, and run cooking groups on Facebook. How many hours do you actually have in your day unlike the rest of us?

– Maybe we have the same number of hours. It’s just that I run my day a little differently, in smaller units, and maybe more organized as well. I start my shift at two in the evening at the packing plant in Goetzrum in Öland. Then turn north on 136, enter and exit on all small roads all the way to Halltorp. The tour usually ends around six o’clock. Then I drive my wife to work, go to Kalmar for mechanic work and service our fleet of vehicles. At lunchtime, I usually lie in bed.

You never feel lonely when you’re walking around at night?

– No for a thousand, first we all meet in the packing parlour and then I usually have a local radio and some colleagues on speakerphone as company during the actual drive. We still have to juggle a few things from time to time about earnings. And then I usually have some deer accompany me. Because there are an incredible number of deer in Öland, I would like to spread this warning. In fact, I think Öland is the best in Sweden in the number of wildlife incidents with deer involved. And it’s really not a fun record to keep. So drive carefully, in other words.

In his spare time, distributor Kent Soderlund loves to cook at home. One of my favorites is the loaf, an all-natural ooland dish, something between a rag donut and an oven pie.

Then of course you think about the recipes and the next post on Facebook?

Cooking and food are very important culture for me. Especially home cooking. On the Facebook page “Happy Home Chef Food for Everyday Life and Parties,” I offer over 10,500 followers cooking tips and invite others to share recipes with the group. Then I charge another 15 or so cooking groups.

Surely there are as many specific opinions about the perfect recipe for body cakes as the islanders?

– That might be true. My grandmother was very careful about the percentage of boiled potatoes to raw potatoes. 20% is cooked and the rest is raw. Flour should not be added at all. It’s cheating. Then there was a tradition in my family that pork should usually be salted. But for birthday cakes, they should be smoked from ham. This has always been the case. I have developed this body cake recipe with ascorbic acid so that the body cakes do not turn gray. Eat a little with your eyes too. Other than that, I’d also like to take a hit on the Oland square loaf, which I think has fallen into oblivion a bit. Delicious stove, says Kent Soderlund.

Lufsa is also excellent for cooking on the grill as well.

Lufsa is also excellent for cooking on the grill as well.

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