The best food to take to the summer pantry…

In the summer we like to meet family and friends around us and enjoy the sun, swimming and good food. So it’s smart to fill the pantry with sustainable products. Supplement with vegetables, herbs and dairy for a quick summertime food fix.

The best canned, canned and dry goods

Here are some suggestions for useful products that fit well in the summer pantry. Choose the cans and dry goods you like and usually use. Some of the products appear again in the recipes below, and we also give tips on quick dishes they can be used in.

dried noodles It is convenient to have it at home. Feel free to buy a few different items. Short pasta goes well with salads, and long pasta goes with a good sauce.

Lentils, beans or chickpeasWhether dried or ready in cans, they are an essential nutrient. Use lentils in salads, in tubes, or in pasta. Mix boiled beans or chickpeas in creamy tubes, or make veggie steaks.

an egg It is good for many. Use poached eggs for herring or in salads, sauteed over a sandwich with braised pork and sliced ​​tomatoes, in omelets, frittatas, tortillas and in dough for picnic pies.

garlic Fits many dishes. Grate, juice, or chop them into cold sauces and fry in oil for a milder flavour.

tuna Fits salads, pizza, stuffing and more.

Sardines or anchovies. Sardines are perfect for mashing on crusty bread and adding to sliced ​​boiled eggs and chives as a quick lunch. Anchovies are a good seasoning in tomato sauce, potato salad, or fish sauces.

Roasted pepper Good to use when the grill isn’t lit for anything else. Chop and mix in salads or coat gratins with them, and mix with sauce, soup, or stir-fry.

crushed tomatoes Cheap and good to take on lye in the summer kitchen. A quick tomato sauce for pasta with onions, garlic, a little olive oil and fresh herbs, or blended into a cold soup like gazpacho.

Oliver Suitable as a snack for drinks, to slice and mix in a vinaigrette or to slice and chop on top of, for example, hot sandwiches.

Olive oil and rapeseed oil Suitable for all of the following types of cooking; For seasoning, in marinade, for mayonnaise, etc.

vinegar Available in many different types, but feel free to invest in a slightly more luxurious summer kitchen, like sherry vinegar, which has a full acidity but is still round and subtle.

Bekov bread Perfect when you’re going on a trip or want to serve up a ‘fresh baked’ for breakfast. There are many varieties of baked bread, with a relatively long shelf life. Crispbread also has its rightful place in the summer pantry, no herring lunch but good crisp bread.

Recipes for good dishes to cook on holiday

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