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The year of great food is over, and we are now entering a new and exciting 2022. Here we’ve rounded up the most favorite recipes from Allt om Mat’s Instagram from last year. Basque cheesecake, creamy pork fillet gratin and Parmesan mashed potatoes – here you will find recipes for 10 delicious dishes and pastries that you just have to cook this year!

In recent years, social media has grown into a huge and important place for people looking for food inspiration. Interest in food has completely exploded, not least on the popular apps Instagram and TikTok, where today there are more “foodies” than ever. Here, photos, movies, recipes, inspiration, tips and tricks are shared daily under the theme of food and drink – and the interest seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

On the Instagram account of Allt om Mat, who has a large following, a lot of people have been involved over the past year. Here we’ve rounded up the 10 most-liked Instagram feeds from last year – and it turns out that the most popular recipes range from trendy desserts and soft cakes to fancy appetizers and hearty dinner gratin.

Check out the entire list, where the 10 most popular recipes are in no particular order. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite to try today?

All about Mat’s Top 10 Favorite Recipes in 2021

trendy cheesecake

cream soup

festive start

Sweet and sour pastries

Crispy fries

Deluxe Skagen

glass carpenter cake

dreamy pear cake

Cream gratin with fillet

Maffig toscakaka

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