That’s why “Garden Times” disappears from the table – SVT’s message about the future of the program after all years

Great recipes and invaluable advice on how to best take care of your beloved garden are provided.

But on Tuesday evening, the final episode of viewers’ favorite “Garden Times” series will be broadcast.

SVT is now announcing the future of the program.

After a long period of darkness and cold you are more than long for sun and heat.

That’s when viewer-favorite “Garden Times” entered as surefire evidence of spring on TV.

In this series, we follow how friend gardener John Taylor, interior designer Malin Pearson, chef Tarek Taylor and host Pernilla Manson Colt invite viewers and offer powerful advice.

With simple tricks, you can turn your garden into a paradise with the help of these experts, or why not grab some good simple recipes so you can have the meal of your dreams.

This year, it’s been 13 years since the show first premiered, and a lot has happened since then.

Photo: Mattias Ankrah/SVT

© Provided by Nöjeslivet
Photo: Mattias Ankrah/SVT

At the time, the program was called Trädgårdsfredag ​​and no one expected it to be successful in the long run.

– On paper, no one thought that a park program on Friday nights could attract a larger audience. But the BBC has done something similar to the idea that you should watch with a glass of wine in hand, and we’ve taken that very seriously, Pernilla Manson Colt previously told Svenske Dam.

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This is why the Garden Times disappears.

And it really was a success.

Over the years, the show has become a favorite with viewers, and when the thirteenth season premiered earlier this year, many cheered.

But for all loyal fans, now comes a sad message.

On Tuesday evening, the latest “Garden Times” program will be broadcast.

“Whatever you do, don’t miss us,” Malin Pearson wrote on her Instagram.

Photo: Instagram

© Provided by Nöjeslivet
Photo: Instagram

But for those who want to see more of the “Garden Times”, they are now receiving a long-awaited message.

SVT about changing “Garden Times”

Even if the show is gone now, it’s only for this season.

In an email to Nöjeslivet, SVT confirms that a new season of favorite spectator will be recorded.

“Yes, there will be another season to air next year,” the press office wrote in an email.

But not enough of that.

Next season will also provide a big change.

“The band is changing the recording location for the next season. The new farm is located in Skåne, outside Eslöv to be exact. It has been empty for many years but now is the time to get a new life,” the press office wrote.

I can’t be just happy with this news! Feel free to share this message with anyone who appreciates the Garden Times.

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