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Inspired by 10 famous recipes

Inspired by the 10 most popular recipes from Godares Instagram.
Inspired by the 10 most popular recipes from Godares Instagram.

One year has passed and in summarizing it, we can definitely say that a lot of the recipes have been liked on our social media.

This is how we share our 10 most loved recipes – let yourself be inspired!

A whole year has passed and a lot of good recipes have been posted on Godare and on our Instagram account there are many who really liked it.

So we’ve rounded up the recipes our followers loved a little bit during 2021.

Brussels sprouts belong at Christmas, and even this is a good recipe, it will be more popular than ever. But you can certainly cook this recipe in addition to the Christmas holidays – it is very tasty!

Brussels sprouts need taste buds like salsica, so they’ll be very tasty, suggests food maker Marquis Tainton.

Brussels sprouts recipe with blue cheese.

Crushed Brussels sprouts with salicia sauce

Sour passion fruit goes well with sweet meringue.
Back blogger and profiler Godare Cecilia H Larsson has created a beautiful dessert that would be the perfect end to a 3-course dinner or as a fine coffee.

Cecilia H Larson’s Passion Fruit Muffin Recipe

Passion fruit pancakes

Fix the tastiest pizza of Christmas food. Teddy Bear has a bit of ham, kale, and salmon at Christmas, and no one will ever notice.
Use what you already have in the fridge, says Markiz Tainton.

Christmas pizza recipes

Pizza with leftovers

Beautiful biscuit filled with cream and a wonderful yellow.
– These are really favorite cakes I’ve made in so many different varieties. They contain the same ingredients as macaroons, but they are much easier to bake, says Fredrik Neelen.

Cookie recipes from Friedrich Neelen’s book Bake for Christmas.

Simple biscuit with saffron filling

“I love kebabs!”

Here’s what Chef Philip Boone says and suggests a new way to fix your favorite food.

In a video in the recipe, he shows how you can easily prepare kebabs by flattening the meat on a plate. Do not miss the opportunity to make the best kebab sauce, it will be really tasty.

Philips Poons kebab recipe on a plate

Filip Poons Kebab in Sheets

A fantastically good classic stew that many will recognize.

A popular and easy-to-cook stew that was brought to the table at many dinner parties after Allt om mat magazine first published the recipe in 1973, says Tariq.

Recipe from Tarek Taylor’s cookbook Dinner in a Casserole.

Creole Stew with Cabanos and Cucumber

Chanterelles, white wine and cream in a magical mix – this is how you make creamy pappardelle pasta from Filip Poon.

This dish is guaranteed to be a pasta favourite.

Creamy pappardelle pasta recipe from Philip Bon

Creamy pappardelle pasta with chanterelle sauce

Instant noodles can be varied in all possible ways to suit your own taste.

Jenny Walden’s recipe for instant noodles makes it so good – topped with mushrooms, kale, zucchini, and eggs!

Dairy products are delicious for noodles, especially if you have a slightly stronger variety. There is a classic noodle soup called tantalum. It’s like a frame, but more like a creamy kind, Jenny Walden says.

jenny walden instant noodles recipe

Instant Noodles Topped With Mushroom, Kale, Zucchini And Egg!

A birthday cake for a birthday coffee never goes wrong, at least if it tastes like gingerbread and berries. This cake is both sweet and sour, and the juicy gingerbread bases and fluffy raspberry filling make the cake truly melt on the tongue.

Recipe from Frida Schattberg’s book “Julbak de luxe”.

Gingerbread Christmas flavor cake stuffed with berries.

Blini with cream on Västerbotten cheese, roe and red onion, you have to look for a more sumptuous small entree. This runs throughout Christmas weekend, from wine mingling to New Year’s Eve.

A true taste bomb that charms most people, says food maker Sophia Henrikson.

Blinis recipe with roe

Top blini with roe and delicious Fasterbutin.

Here is the most delicious creamy fish soup ever. Here fish is generously replaced with vegetables. The taco sauce that was added is a little surprise.

Recipe from the cookbook “Comfort Food – From Food Cravings to Pure Pleasure,” by Agnes Gellhagen.

A decent creamy fish soup with a little taco sauce.

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