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Inviting friends and family to Sunday dinner is the perfect end to the weekend. Here we offer five true favorite recipes for classic dishes to serve, plus Allt om Mat expert Cecilia Lundin offers the best tricks for how to think when planning your dinner. Porter steak, sailor steak or beef roulade – which dish will be your favorite on Sunday?

Gathering around a really good Sunday dinner is a tradition we appreciate young and old. On Sundays you may have more time to spend on cooking, and then it’s good to serve up a good quality steak or stew that’s been simmering for hours.

Gather energy for a new week

Cecilia Lundin is a chef and food expert at Allt om Mat, and believes Sunday dinners with loved ones is an ideal way to refuel in the new week.

Sunday dinner is a dinner when you meet your family or friends, cook something that takes a little longer than your usual daily food and which can easily turn into a few lunch boxes when the work week starts again. You eat a little before the other holidays and then get ready for the week. It’s good to take a walk together and then come home together and enjoy, say, a soup that has been simmering for a long time on the stove and only needs to be heated, says Cecilia Lundin.

It doesn’t have to be complicated

She believes that Sunday dinner doesn’t have to be too advanced, and that it’s a good idea to help out with everything from preparing the food to arranging the table setting.

– You don’t have to be pretentious. Let someone set the table, another fix the salad while the last dinner is ready, maybe chop the meat or put the prepared gratin in the oven, she says.

The hearty pork or beef steak is a classic for Sunday dinner. To be as good as possible, Cecilia says, there are a few things to think about.

Cook meat with plenty of liquid and use a thermometer for best results. Most of all, make sure there’s plenty of sauce that’s right for the steak and you can mash the potatoes into it, she says.

6 classic and good dishes to serve for Sunday dinner:

classic with gates

Everything juicy in one bowl

Classic beef broth with root vegetables

Cream rolls on beef

Castle barbecue with boiled vegetables

Lovely gratin with fish and mashed potatoes

Craving a vegan Sunday dinner? Try this delicious lasagna with ricotta and vegetables!

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