Students create cookbooks with recipes from all over the world

As a student, food can be a challenge. In a new cookbook, 16 students share their favorite recipes from around the world. Oscar Backstrom, an engineering student at KTH, is one of them.

The Stockholm student residence took the lead for the book. In their homes, nearly 4,000 students share a kitchen and cook with each other.

When a student residence in Stockholm called for recipes for a new cookbook, Oskar Backstrom immediately grabbed and dispatched another dish of Peru’s national dish, ceviche de pescado.

During the pandemic, we couldn’t travel and for me, cooking became a way to travel away in thought. He says: I think it is fun and relaxing to cook.

No maize was found in Peru

Oscar Backstrom is studying his third year in an engineering master’s program at KTH, with a focus on media technology. An interest in cooking developed during the study period. He loves to cook from scratch and loves to spend time cooking.

The recipe sent by Oscar Backstrom also became one of the 16 recipes included in the book. He himself is from Gothenburg, but his family is in Peru and has been there several times. He hopes to be able to visit the country again as soon as he has the opportunity to travel.

community cookbook

A cookbook created by students who live in a student residence in Stockholm.

Contains 16 recipes, from paella and ceviche to Indian and beef curry.

The purpose of the cookbook is to inspire meetings between students.

You can find the entire cookbook here.

– I have worked a lot on refining and developing the dish so that it is as similar to the original as possible. We do not have the same raw materials in Sweden. For example, I use cod instead of the fish found in Peru. I also didn’t find the Peruvian corn, choclo, in Sweden so I replaced it with the corn found in grocery stores here in Sweden.

Nice mix from all over the world

The Community Cookbook has a huge mix of recipes, everything from soups and appetizers to main dishes, pastries and desserts. Participating in the book are exchange students and Swedish students with connections to other countries.

In addition to the recipes, the cookbook also contains short stories about each dish where students tell about the recipe itself and their cooking. It also shows if the recipe is vegetarian, spicy, or can be frozen.

It was so fun to include it in the cookbook. Oscar Backstrom says it has a great mix of recipes from all over the world and we’ve talked about being able to get together later and serve our dishes to each other.

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