Simple & Delicious All-in-One Gratin – 7…

Oven-cooked food is perfect for preparing for stressful weekday evenings. Throw a gratin into the oven, and you can whip up side dishes at the same time, like a crunchy salad with seasonal vegetables.

Here we share seven of our best gratin recipes—with everything from a creamy broccoli gratin with bacon, to a festive taco gratin with rice. Plus, Allt om Mat expert Cecilia Lundin shares her best tips on how to think when making dinner gratin — so it’s as good as possible.

Best Trick From The Expert To Get A Successful Gratten:

Gratin is a good leftover food. Place leftover rice, pasta, potatoes, pork, fried meat, vegetables, or anything else left in an oiled oven dish and pour over gratin sauce. Either bechamel or cold sauce – eg fresh cream with flavour.

Remember not to use too little of the sauce, the gratin will be dull and dull.

Place the grated cheese on top of the gratin for a nice, crunchy surface.

Grease the gratin dish with butter or oil so that it does not stick too much to the bottom and around the edges.

Bake the gratin in the middle of the oven or on top until you get a nice surface.

Gratin is good when there are so many of you. It is practical that you can prepare the gratin in molds that can be ready for gratin before the party. If you also have a convection oven, you can pour several molds at the same time.

Our best all-in-one gratin recipes:

Creamy pasta gratin with chicken and spinach

Delicious pork fillet gratin with peppers and potatoes

Healthy gratin with broccoli and bacon

Delicious gratin for fish lovers

Chicken and mushroom all-in-one gratin

Macaroni gratin with blue cheese

Festive Friday Taco Gratin

Craving more gratin? Here you will find recipes, tips and inspiration for delicious pasta:

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