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Suddenly your medication disappears from the list printed by the pharmacy, and you also need to know if the hospital or health center prescribes your medication when you renew your prescription. Another system error in the zone procedures.

Obviously, you should always ask for a prescription every time you buy a drug to see if the drug is over the amount withdrawn.

In my case, I missed three medications without noticing. It is strange that I, as a customer, should also know who prescribed the drug to renew the prescription. All of this makes one wonder how area and pharmacy routines work for us seniors who, after all, often depend on their daily medication.

I hope that doctors in the county can put an effort into this to avoid unnecessary doctor visits.

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Most prescriptions are printed by the health center in which you are listed, unless you have more contact with other providers. The doctor who prescribed the medicine is on the label on the medicine package. You can always order a menu at the pharmacy current recipes printed. This list shows the valid recipes that have withdrawals left, the recipe’s shelf life and the number of withdrawals left. It also shows the doctor who wrote the prescription and the health center or department the doctor belongs to/works in.

Upon final dispensing of the drug, a label is printed from the pharmacy stating that it was the last withdrawn. This label can be pasted into the menu current recipes As a reminder that the last draw was made. Remember that a prescription can never be valid for more than a year from the date of printing. If you think the drug has disappeared from the list with current recipesIn this case, you can ask the pharmacy to print a list of the medicines you have collected in the last 1.5 years.

If you have access to a computer and bank ID, it is easiest to go to and select “Pharmaceutical services – see prescribing information. there is interference”Läkemedelskollen ” It is possible to view all the prescriptions issued to you, whether they are valid or not, as well as find out the prescriptions that you have obtained from the pharmacy. You can also find out which doctor issued the prescription and where they work. at Läkemedelskollen The information is stored for five years.

You can also reach Läkemedelskollen directly via

If you have many medications, it is a good idea to ask to have themdrug list” Updated and printed. This is an updated list of medications with current prescriptions that you must follow.

Pharmaceutical Committee of the Västerbotten District


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