Secret recipes for clay and 50 years experience

It shapes and attaches handles to the pitchers you’ve created. I turned the jugs the day before and during the morning, turned the bottoms and made the spouts on the jugs.

Want to show the whole process

In collaboration with photographer Tina Tavanainen, Jodi Bradley has an exhibition that will run until the end of July and during the art tour.

The exhibition, which took place at Jodi’s residence, with Tiina Tahvanainen provided a bloody molar for more creative artwork.

– I’ll go on, I got many ideas in the process, says Jodi Bradley.

– I took many pictures of the work process itself and what I do. She adds that the pictures show how long the process takes.

Most people don’t understand the amount of work behind ceramics. Sometimes people who want to order things come and expect it to be ready in a few days.

Creation itself begins on a more scientific level. Jodi Bradley mixes her own clay, about every two days, according to a recipe she’s worked with over decades of experience.

– I use Chinese clay, spherical clay, quartz and feldspar, but I do not reveal the proportions, she says and laughs.

up to 1280 degrees in the oven

The clay that remains when you turn around, you reuse the next time you make clay. There is almost no wastage as they use the same recipe.

After making the clay, I started spinning. According to Jodi Bradley, it’s this part of the job that leads people to believe it’s going fast.

They see when I turn around and then just think “Oh my God, how fast is it going.” But then things have to dry overnight before I can shape them further. Then it has to dry for a week before I paint it with different patterns, which takes a long time. Next, I burn things to 1,000 degrees, and then they need to be burned with ice in the oven at 1,280 degrees, she says.

– I really like to paint my stuff and I made a painting in different colours. Jodi Bradley adds: I have different oxides and finished pigments that I buy.

She also makes the glaze herself, but the mixture varies. The long working process leads to the results you see on the shelves when you enter the room.

At Judys Hantverk och Keramik you can buy everything from jugs and mugs to plates and interior details.

Calm gives peace to create

Outside in Golby, Jodi Bradley has her own oasis. She has the studio and premises since 2015.

– I’d love to be here. It’s quieter here than it is in town, and people who come here are really interested in the craft, she says.

During July it helps Stella Hagerstrand With both social media and standing up when out in the room.

– I need some peace and quiet when I work, so I’m very happy to have Stella helping me this summer. I borrowed Stella from the Dior aisle. She’s great and she’s helping me out with my social media, says Jodi and smiles.

– A week before Jodi posted on Facebook that she was looking for a summer worker, I mentioned to my parents that working for her would be a dream, says Stella Hagerstrand, who works as a model and lives in Helsinki.

Since 1974, Jodi Bradley has worked in the ceramics industry. It all started when, at the age of sixteen, I went to art school and fell in love with ceramics. When she started art school, she thought she would become a graphic designer.

– I liked drawing very much in detail, but then I tried ceramics and then it’s over, it’s like a love story, she says.

Listen to science and biopiracy

When she works with clay and creates in the studio, Jodi Bradley loves to listen to audiobooks and podcasts about “biobreaking” (changing her body’s chemical balance to improve energy and energy).

– I like to study and learn new things, I read some books and I am interested in science, it is my hobby.

In addition to reading and biohacking, exercise is an important part of Jodi Bradley’s lifestyle. She starts her day at 6:15 with a workout, then walks 25 kilometers a day back and forth between town and the studio.

– It’s beautiful, you get fresh air and you keep yourself active. She says I am 67 and will turn 68 in November.


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