Recipe: Luxuriously finished pasta

There is an abundance of people making their own pasta now and I am very impressed. I love pasta and making it myself is very good and a relaxing activity, but I don’t have time for that. That’s why I usually “cheat” by buying ready-made pasta. There’s really no such thing as cheating in cooking, but a lot of people probably see it that way, especially if food is to be served. stop saying! Fresh, prepackaged pasta is available in stores, which you can easily enjoy. Feel free to add an extra penny and opt for that slightly more luxurious variety and slightly flavorful ingredients. Then you cannot fail.

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Tortelloni with mushrooms in butter and miso broth. Photo: Anja Olaug Jelinek

Tortelloni with mushrooms in butter and miso broth

2 servings

I wanted to do something really juicy, and so I landed on a mushroom-filled spaghetti. Bathed broths contain a light miso paste, which gives a good umami taste. Mesopasta is available for purchase in most grocery stores, and it usually stands next to soybeans. This dish is completely irresistible and very simple.

250 g of ready-made tortelloni bread with mushroom and cheese filling

5 dl of mushroom broth

1/2 tablespoon white misosta

1 tablespoon butter

To apply:

1 deciliter of chanterelles

Fry the chanterelles in plenty of oil until crispy, sprinkled with a pinch of salt.

Bring the broth to a boil and add the miso paste and butter. Let’s stand.

Boil the water and boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package. Strain and pour into a bowl. Pour over the broth and pour over the chanterelles.

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Baked gnocchi with bechamel sauce and Jerusalem artichoke.  Photo: Anja Olaug Jelinek

Baked gnocchi with bechamel sauce and Jerusalem artichoke. Photo: Anja Olaug Jelinek

Baked gnocchi with bechamel sauce and Jerusalem artichoke

4-6 servings

Fried gnocchi is like a small pillow that is crunchy and crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. Here it is baked with a luxurious bechamel sauce mixed with Jerusalem artichoke. It’s hard to describe the taste of Jerusalem artichoke, it’s fair He is Which is very good. I served this dish after work with a sour salad – simple, festive and fast.

250 gm Jerusalem artichoke

50 grams butter

0.75 dl of wheat flour

5 dl fat milk

big pinch of salt

Pinch of white pepper

500g fresh gnocchi

2 tablespoons rapeseed oil

a little butter

Rinse and peel the cones. Put in a saucepan with water and plenty of salt. Leave to soften, about 10 minutes.

Set the oven to 225 degrees.

Melt the butter in a saucepan and beat with a third of the flour. When blended without lumps, pour in the rest and whisk until no lumps appear. Pour in half the amount of milk and whisk until the sauce thickens. Pour in the rest and whisk until the sauce thickens. Taste with salt and white pepper. Add Jerusalem artichokes and blend smoothly using a hand mixer.

Melt the butter and heat the rapeseed oil in a skillet. Fry the gnocchi until it becomes a nice color. Put it in an oven dish and pour it over the béchamel sauce.

Bake for 30 minutes. The gnocchi should absorb the sauce and should have a nice color.

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Girasole with spicy tomato sauce and cream.  Photo: Anja Olaug Jelinek

Girasole with spicy tomato sauce and cream. Photo: Anja Olaug Jelinek

Girasole with spicy tomato sauce and cream

2 servings

Have you heard of vodka penny? It is a tomato sauce consisting of tomato paste, vodka and cream. The vodka elevates the flavors of the tomato puree and the sauce is incredibly good. I usually use gin because gin has a type of spice that I like. Non-alcoholic gin also works well. Here, pasta stuffed with ricotta and spinach is smeared with a spicy, creamy tomato sauce.

250gm gyrosoli

1 leek banana

1 clove garlic

Pinch of chili flakes

1 deciliter of tomato paste

1/4 deciliter of gin or 1/2 deciliter of non-alcoholic gin

1 dl cream

1 deciliter of finely grated Parmesan cheese

1/2 deciliter of pasta water

black pepper


Cut the garlic and shallots into small pieces. Heat a frying pan with rapeseed oil and fry the onions over medium heat until they sweat and become slightly translucent. Raise the heat and add the tomato puree and chili flakes. Stir and let the tomato puree burn a bit, then more of the flavor comes out.

Vinrive Parmesan.

Pour the gin into the skillet and stir. When it boils by half, add the cream and Parmesan. Taste it with black pepper and maybe a pinch of salt.

Boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package. Save 1/2 deciliter of pasta water. When the pasta is well cooked, drain the water and add the pasta to the sauce with the pasta water you saved. Stir until the sauce is creamy and sticks to the pasta.

It is suggested to serve on the plate with small taps of ricotta cheese.

Tips for using creamy pasta!

If you save a little pasta water, pour it into the sauce and mix the pasta, you’ll get perfect cream and the sauce sticks to the pasta, just like the tastiest restaurant pasta. This is because pasta water contains starch that helps the sauce stick to it. The best advice in the world.

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