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Prepare a beautiful, sumptuous three-course dinner for Valentine’s Day or weekend dinner. Here are three recipes prepared by Allt om Food Editor Mat Gunilla von Heland for a sumptuous and festive menu that’s ready in an hour.

This Valentine’s Day menu starts with a beautiful, fresh drink flavored with delicious raspberries. Then the creamy lobster paste is served with a fine thread of chili. The deluxe dessert consists of homemade pink mozzarella balls with fruity ruby ​​chocolate.

Gunilla von Heland About the list:

– I think Valentine’s Day can be celebrated every day of the week. What could be better than being surprised by a nicely cooked dinner when you least expect it? Here, lobsters are the main character and supplemented with a little heat from the chili. Noodles get a lot of the lobster flavor when cooked with the shells on.


Start with the pink mozzarella balls and let them cool to firm up.

2. Make raspberry syrup for the drink and prepare the drink. Put it cool in a shaker.

3. Peel the lobsters. Coca Fondue.

4. Prepare the main dish.

5. Prepare and pour drinks.

Drink in advance on Valentine’s Day

Luxurious main course

Lovely valentine’s day candy

Food and drink match Valentine’s Day

To make the hot lobster pasta: Leitz Magic Mountain 2020 (70626), Germany, 159 kr. A white wine with a youthful, noticeable freshness, hints of pear and apricot, and a hint of honey. Focus, elegance and length in bait.

For the Pink Bull Mozart with Raspberry: Brachetto d’Acqui Braida 2020, (6260), Italy, 99 kroner (37.5 cl). A pearly red wine with balanced sweetness, a light floral touch, and hints of chocolate and red berries.

Alcohol-free pasta: Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling (11901) Germany, 69 kr. A non-alcoholic white wine with apple and citrus-like features with a slight sweetness at the end.

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