Recipe for Skövde development: “It’s easy to do right”

The Center Party presents its essay (C) on Skövde’s development ahead of the 2022 elections. Marietta Friborg, Shurek Matrosyan Adam, Stefan Svensson and Ulrika Johansson provide recipes in their election volume.

Photo: Anelie Malm

Ahead of the fall elections, the Center Party had developed recipes for cooking and Skövde’s future as a vibrant business community, more meeting places and investments in schools.

– This is the societal development we want to see in the coming years for the best Skövde based on a nice concept, says Ulrica Johansson (C) on their election dossier.

The recipes reflect the candidates based on their personalities, but the importance of locally produced food should also be emphasized. Re (C) epten Skövde concerns, among other things, skills and business life, such as preparing more land for both new and existing enterprises to be able to grow.

Through an active working life we ​​get resources to focus more on school, care and nursing. But we don’t support building on arable land because if we want to increase the food supply, we can’t build on it, says Ulrica Johansson (C).

Targeted Education

They want to see a deeper collaboration with the municipality, the business community and the university to meet the need for efficiency in the future. But also more municipal adult education such as targeted and shorter education to suit the labor market and for those who are far from the labor market to get a job.

People must feel satisfied, feel valued and feel included, and at the same time this is a necessity, not least for the public sector, we must use what all people can contribute.

“Easy to do right”

They want to work for Skövde to be a leader in climate and environmental action.

It should be easy to do the right thing. It should be easy for our residents to adopt new environmental technology and recycle their waste. We need more charging stations for electric cars and electric bikes across the municipality. We must have vibrant countryside and green industries to have a sustainable society, says Marietta Friborg (center).

early interventions

The school is another part that they highlight in their electoral program which should be a safe and educational place.

We think the Center Party’s recipe for a better school is an early effort. To start working early with students who have needs and need help. Stefan Svensson (C) says that additional investments in students with special needs are important and that student health is given a broader task of managing student well-being, not least at a time when many have felt poorly.

“I feel safety”

They are pressing words like together and community and want more meeting places in Skövde.

Old people and young people should be able to spend useful free time. Shurek Matrosyan Adam (center) says: We think it’s important to give people the opportunity to take control of their lives, to feel safe and to feel hopeful.

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