Racist ideas are very present in the SD Principles program

I am a Jew, born in Sweden, with Polish parents who came here in 1945 after surviving the Holocaust. From this central ideological SD document, it is clear that I would be considered not from the Swedish nation, if I decided on the SD.

First of all, the SD wrote in its Program of Principles that a distinction is made between “citizenship in the Swedish state and belonging to the Swedish nation”.

However, one can become Swedish, or “part of the Swedish nation”, as the SD describes it, through assimilation if one is; “He speaks Swedish fluently, considers himself Swedish, lives according to Swedish culture, sees Swedish history as his own and feels more loyalty to the Swedish nation than any other.”

Opinion registration required

How the future sustainable development government will find out about you; We are not told: “He feels more loyalty to the Swedish nation than to any other country.” But some form of opinion registration may be required. Here there are great similarities with what the Nazi dictatorship of the 1930s and 1940s demanded of its citizens to be accepted.

When it comes to SD’s view of democracy, they have a very limited and peculiar view of the conditions for good democratic development:

“Democracy means the rule of the people, while Swedish Democrats are of the view that you cannot completely bypass the word ‘people’ in the concept of people’s rule, and that in the long run the rule of the people can become very problematic to maintain in a state populated by many peoples.”

That several different cultures or ethnic groups interact and influence each other within a democracy and constitute a source of development and inspiration is unacceptable, but is seen as “problematic”.

It is almost impossible

The other things to read in the Principles program are that all talk of amalgamation should be abolished; We should all be assimilated, but on the other hand it is very difficult to assimilate us. It can take generations according to SD. And if you are a Muslim, this is next to impossible.

Sweden should be a country of true Swedes. One people, one country – seems to be the recipe for sustainable development for a happy nation. Our recent history shows that this kind of national vision leads straight into the abyss. I’m both Swede and Jew, but that doesn’t work according to the ideal SD picture of future Sweden. In just a month, it could become a reality. Is this the vision L, M and KD want to see for Sweden?

Tommy Reingart Former journalist and communications director

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