Preparing Italian Street Food – 4 Magical Recipes with Piadina

Piadina is an Italian bread baked with olive oil. The thin, round bread has its roots in the 14th century in Emilia-Romagna, a region in northeastern Italy, and has become a modern classic of Italian dishes. It’s also found its way into Swedish cuisine, thanks to its endless flavor combinations but also because it’s simple and quick to cook.

All we need in addition to piadina bread is a frying pan, a little olive oil and any filling. Piadina is ideal as an everyday food, for example for a light lunch, a suitable snack or a hearty dinner. Just fill the bread with your favorite ingredients and heat it in the pan. how to use!

Recipe: Piadina with Tomatoes, Mozzarella, and Prosciutto Cotto

This flavor fits both big and small and is ready in just a quarter of an hour. Fast, delicious and easy!

For 4 people:

1 packet Piadina Romagnola Ig Bella Riminizi Zeta (360 g)

250 gm cherry tomatoes

4 tablespoons tomato paste

2 Mozzarella Di Bufala Campana Zeta (100 g)

4 tablespoons classico extra virgin olive oil

1 packet Prosciutto Cotto Zeta (120 g)

1 sachet (85g) coarsely grated Parmigiano-Reggiano Zeta

2 teaspoons thyme

70 gm arugula

do this:

1. Cut the tomatoes into halves. Spread a tablespoon of tomato paste on each of our hands.

2. Place the piadina in a hot skillet with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

3. Break half of the mozzarella cheese into small pieces and let them drain on a piece of kitchen paper.

4. Spread the mozzarella cheese evenly over the piadina. Add 1/4 ham, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and oregano.

5. Leave the piadina in the skillet for 1 minute until the cheese begins to melt.

6. Sprinkle with arugula, fold in half of the bread, and serve immediately! Do the same with the remaining bread and filling

A loaf of bread, endless possibilities

Zeta’s Piadina is an authentic Italian bread baked according to ancient traditions with extra virgin olive oil. It is Italian style street food and a dish that can vary endlessly. Put your hands in a frying pan, put any ingredients on top and heat it. Within a few minutes, you’ll have authentic Italian street food on your plate!

what do you prefer?

The thing that goes with our pieds is cheese. Fill the bread with light mozzarella cheese or top it with Parmigiano-Reggiano. Pickled vegetables, olives and charcuterie or tapnad are also good accessories that go well with our piadina.

You can find Zeta Piadina in the fridge, including ICA, Coop, Hemköp and Mathem.

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