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Potato gratin is easy to cook and works well with roast lamb, beef steaks, minced steaks and as a sole dish. All About Expert Mat Gunilla von Heland offers tips on the best potatoes, how to season gratin and common mistakes that can easily be avoided when cooking potato gratin.

Here you will find 6 good creamy potato gratin recipes and gourmet tips that will help you cook the perfect potato gratin for all occasions and for all tastes.

What Kind of Potato Should You Use When Cooking Potato Gratin?

Potato gratin is suitable for starchy potatoes that have the ability to soften and creamy gratin. It also absorbs the taste of cream and cheese better. Choose types of flour such as King Edward, Rosamunda, and Early Puritan. During storage, the potatoes sold increased during the spring and it was then possible to make gratins from hard varieties such as Amandine or Bintje.

Avoid cooking the gratin on new potatoes, it contains very little starch and the potato almonds can get too mushy in a gratin.

What Thin/Thick Slices Should You Eat in Potato Gratin?

– It’s a matter of taste. The thing to keep in mind is that if the slices are thick, the gratin will take longer to finish. I think a disc thickness of around 3mm is ideal. I’m thinking of The size, width or height of the oven pan also affects the cooking time.

Some people precook potatoes before putting them in an oven dish – why do they do that?

– I can really recommend it – it’s part of the Potato Gratin Crème de la Creme The so-called Gratin Dauphinois Where the milk and cream are boiled, the potatoes and garlic are placed and boiled. Then it is poured into a greased gratin dish and saturated with cheese. The gratin becomes creamy and does not take much time in the oven.

What’s the secret behind a really creamy potato gratin? Is this sauce?

– There should be no red sauce in the gratin. The sauce usually consists of milk, cream, and sometimes broth as well. The perfect gratin only needs to contain potatoes, a sprinkle of rich cream, salt, pepper, and maybe a pinch of thyme and gravy or an emmentaler.

What are the most common mistakes we make when cooking potato gratin?

The wrong kind of potato gives off a chewy, dull gratin. The very short time in the oven makes the potatoes in the gratin firm and loose. A little bit of liquid – milk and cream – gives a gratin that doesn’t get creamy. If you forget the salt, you get a gratin that doesn’t taste very good.

Garlic or not in potato gratin?

– They both like me. It depends on what to offer. For roast lamb, you need a proper dose of garlic in a gratin, but for salmon, it can be even better with shredded shallots instead of garlic.

What kind of cheese is best to eat gratin?

Swedish gruyère, Emmentaler, or gruyère are my favorites for classic gratin. It can also go well with shredded Parmesan and mozzarella if you make a difference with the Italian flavour.

Tips on how to make potato gratin more luxurious?

For meat, mushrooms can give a rich and rich taste, preferably with a little truffle or truffle oil. The addition of gorgonzola in gratin makes it more delicious, for example for roasted vegetables. For fish, finely crushed fennel, dill and grated lemon zest.

Can you make potato gratin from ready-made cooked potatoes?

– If you want to make potato gratin from leftover boiled potatoes, then in this case you must make a ready-made sauce of the type of bechamel sauce or cheese sauce. Then it becomes creamy. Cut the potatoes into slices, put them in an oven dish and pour the sauce over them. Sprinkle with cheese and gratinate.

6 Good Creamy Potato Gratin Recipes

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