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Airy mashed potatoes are very tasty and with a little spice, the next dish could be your go-to. But how do you make it creamy and feathery, and what’s the difference between puree and mash? All About Recipe Maker and Food Expert Gunilla von Heland shares her tricks for perfect mashed potatoes!

What kind of potato is best suited for mashed potatoes?

It depends on the type of mash you want. Thin and airy or creamy and compact. Good potatoes are varieties that are rich in flour, have more dry matter and can then absorb the liquid well.

For a creamier, delicious and more compact puree, fit Amadin or Yukon Gold.

Fresh potatoes cannot be mashed because they contain a lot of water.

At what time of year do potatoes go well with mashed potatoes?

Stored potatoes contain less water and more starch. It makes it better to bind fluids The best season for algae is in winter and spring.

Keep this in mind when making mashed potatoes

What is the most important thing to consider when making mashed potatoes?

Choose the right kind of potato. Boil them well, almost until they break up.

Shake or squeeze the potato while it is still hot

– Don’t touch too much.

– Taste well with salt and pepper!

NB! Do not forget always Make the puree immediately while the potatoes are hot. If you put the potatoes aside for a while, the mash will be sticky.

How to season mashed potatoes?

A classic spice in mashed potatoes once popular with nutmeg. Otherwise it is white or black pepper. Many chefs choose white pepper for color.

If you want the flavor of mashed potatoes, you can think about what you eat. Dill, tarragon and lemon are good for fish and chicken, caramelized onions for steaks, mashed with chevre is suitable for grilled vegetables and lamb, and fasterbutton cheese for venison.

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Tips for more luxurious mashed potatoes

If you want to make fancy mashed potatoes, for a party for example, how do you fix them?

Then you make a puree called duchesse potatoes, which is a softer puree that contains egg yolks. They are sprinkled on tops, around a fish plate or on a steak and dunked in the oven.

The difference between mashed potatoes and mashed potatoes

A fine puree can also be what is sometimes called potato puree. It is softer and more pliable in texture and contains extra butter.

What other vegetables can you make puree from?

Try making mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli, celery, parsnips, and turnips. These vegetables contain less starch and therefore no or less liquids are required when preparing the puree.

What is trampling?

– Stomp is the most powerful “mash” with blocks. Contains fat – butter or oil – but does not contain milk.

Make mashed potatoes with an electric mixer

Some people use an electric beater when making mashed potatoes – are there pros and cons to that?

An electric beater can be risky if you don’t know exactly what type of potato you are dealing with. If there are different types of hard potatoes when preparing the mash, an electric beater is not good. Then it can make the starch in mashed potatoes sticky and tough. Then it is better to squeeze the potatoes and mix them with butter and milk.

– Whipping puree with an electric mixer works great when all the potatoes are of the flour type. Beat the mash well with an electric beater, adding butter and hot milk until you get the right consistency. Then you get a smooth and airy puree.

You can buy mashed potatoes in powder form – does it count as mashed potatoes?

Puree powder contains mostly 89% potatoes and the rest is milk powder, salt, vegetable fats, extract, aroma, stabilizers and antioxidants.

Puree powder is simple, quick to make and provides quick energy. But it also contains some unnecessary ingredients that you don’t need in your homemade puree. The nutrient density is slightly higher in homemade puree than in powdered purée according to the National Food Administration database.

Below you will find recipes for good dishes to serve with mashed potatoes:

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