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Gorgeously Cooled Whipped Ice Cream Signed by Matilda Johnson Damernas Värld Blogger – A comprehensive health package. Photo: Matilda Johnson Share the photo on Pinterest Posted: June 12, 2022 at 09:30 DV blogger Matilda Johnson serves up the coolest summer ice cream with berries and matcha. Sleek and delicious – also packed with great vitamins. … Read more

This year’s herring with elderberry, lemon, dill and OP Anderson Björk

Since 2007, well-qualified chef and restaurateur Fredrik Eriksson at Långbro Värdshus and Restaurang Nationalmuseum has created this year’s herring. Herring is served in the restaurant all summer long and the recipe is free for everyone to use. Herring this year flavored with elderberry, lemon, dill and OP Anderson Björk. Fredrik Ericsson, who runs Långbro Värdshus … Read more

Recipe for Skövde development: “It’s easy to do right”

The Center Party presents its essay (C) on Skövde’s development ahead of the 2022 elections. Marietta Friborg, Shurek Matrosyan Adam, Stefan Svensson and Ulrika Johansson provide recipes in their election volume. Photo: Anelie Malm Ahead of the fall elections, the Center Party had developed recipes for cooking and Skövde’s future as a vibrant business community, … Read more

Annakarin Nyberg publishes the second book in the award-winning series

This summer, Annakarin Nyberg will be out with Now we fixA new, inspiring and fun cookbook for all the kids who love standing in the kitchen. In the award-winning sequel Now we’re baking She takes her well-researched, award-winning pedagogical science and develops it for a new generation of young bakers and chefs. Together with Wonderful … Read more