Make your own ice cream without an ice cream machine – recipe

MAKE YOUR OWN ICE CREAM – Make it easy without an ice cream machine! Freshen up this summer with delicious homemade ice cream and ice cream! Perfect to prepare the freezer now to invite your loved ones this summer. We’ve collected everything from recipes to the accessories you need. Making your own ice cream at … Read more

Presenter: The prescription of the healthcare sector increases the proportion of women among female entrepreneurs

In health and care, 61 percent of all businesses are run by women, write representatives of the organizations Företagarna and Vårdföretagarna. Photo: Veronica Nordenberg Olson 27 percent of all companies in Sweden are run by women. Disappointing character. The fact that more women are running companies is not only an issue of gender equality but … Read more

Old Opland Aquavit celebrates 150 years of a limited edition

The premium Norwegian Aquavit Gammel Opland has been made since 1872. To celebrate its 150th anniversary, a limited-edition anniversary edition is now being launched. Opland Jubilee is made from a mixture of aquavits that have been stored in sherry casks for at least ten years. Gammel Opland Aquavit is a Norwegian cultural heritage that has … Read more