Our recipe for Halmstad will be even better

The Center Party in Halmstad wants to see a municipality that grows in all directions, a municipality where students from different backgrounds are given the opportunity to realize their dreams of a different but equal school, a municipality that lives around the clock, all year round with both the creators of culture and restaurants as well as the industries and businesses that make Halmstad thrive, It is a municipality where, regardless of age, gender, background or place of residence, you must feel safe and able to influence your daily life, a municipality that takes the lead in climate action and with courage and commitment that meets the destiny of our time.

Halmstad is good To a large extent, it is the place where I and 100,000 other citizens have called our home, the place where we were born and raised, moved to work, study, or love, or escaped the ravages of war or the hardships of poverty. For most of the 2000s, we in the Center Party were co-governing a municipality that was growing and giving people the power to realize their dreams.

But we need to improve.

To make or to invent A school where all students meet and get the opportunities they deserve, we want to ensure that the distribution of resources better reflects the different needs, strengths and challenges that exist in our municipality.

By strengthening the NPF, the two-teacher system, and continuing investments in interdepartmental collaboration such as Samsynk and SSPF (Social Services and School Recreation Police), we will ensure that no students fall between the benches. With more personalized schools and more information about parents and children’s choices, we want to ensure that all students benefit from the unique abilities.

The magnifying glass survey clearly shows that young people to a large extent want to participate and influence the political decisions that affect them, so we want to create a youth council that will be a real referral body to the municipal council so that decisions can be taken. Get closer to those affected and get better.

Climate too An issue that is in Center Party’s DNA, we want to review water systems to achieve more efficient water management, reduce fossil fuel use through an expanded shipping infrastructure and make Halmstad municipality a logistical node for renewable fuels to promote sustainable and new travel. green companies. We also want to protect arable land and create a good future for our food producers with more locally grown food in our operations.

For all of this to be possible, we must ensure that we have a good business climate, while minimizing regulatory hassles. We must make sure that it is easy to find accommodation for our students and motivate them to stay in the municipality after studying and working or starting a business.

We must continue to work for a vibrant city where people can swim in a new cold pool and then enjoy a good dinner and go to exciting cultural events created by all the creative forces that are very important to our municipality.

this is our Halmstad’s recipe that would be even better. If you give the Center Party your confidence in the elections this fall, these are the issues we will take with us in the negotiations going forward, for the best of Halmstad.

Victor Rundqvist (C)

Number one in the municipal elections for the Center Party in Halmstad

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