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Easter roast lamb – here are our best recipes!

How to make a good Easter roast lamb. Here are 7 recipes with lamb and tips from the chef to help you cook both roast lamb and roast lamb racks to celebrate Easter.

All About Chef Matt Cecilia Lundin gives advice on what to consider when cooking lamb – from choosing good spices and herbs to the right temperature that gives lamb crunch and juiciness.

What should be considered when choosing meat when cooking lamb?

– It depends on how many people are going to eat. One steak is enough for much more and if you only eat two, a fillet or rack is enough.

Spices, herbs and sauces for mutton

Herbal spices such as thyme, rosemary, oregano, and sage are excellent for carrying. Lemon and garlic of course.

– Mutton can be cooked in many different ways and because it is delicious meat It can be squeezed with a lot of spices. For example, a lot of curry in an Indian soup, a lot of harissa in roasted lamb with North African flavors, etc. The same goes for sauces, they go well with a warm red wine sauce for meat like fresh cream sauce with crumbled goat cheese or feta cheese. It all depends on what you have to cook for details and what you like about yourself. The English, for example, eat mint sauce in lamb, which is probably not very popular in Sweden.

lamb garnish

The most classic are some variations of potato gratin, but you can actually serve anything with lamb. It all depends on what you are craving and what details you need to fix. Ground meatballs are great for making pasta or couscous, a hearty salad with roasted groats, grilled vegetables for grilled chops, etc.

Cecilia Lundin, Chef and Recipe Maker at Allt om Mat
Photo: Helen B

Roast lamb temperature

What are the most common mistakes we make when cooking roast lamb?

Don’t miss cooking with a thermometer. Dry meat is as dull as red meat. 62-65 internal temperature should be mutton temperature And don’t forget to let the meat rest for about 10 minutes after cooking before slicing it so all the juice doesn’t run out and the meat loses its flavor and juiciness.

Can you eat pink lamb?

– Yes you can. The meat will turn pink if you fry roast lamb at 60 degrees.

The temperature on the lamb rack is 58 degrees.

What is your best recipe for roast lamb?

– I like the classic way, stuffing roasted lamb with lots of garlic and rubbing it with lots of herbs.

If you have leftovers on roast lamb – what can you cook next?

– Personally, I do not like heating the lamb, I think that it can taste moldy. If it’s cooked lamb, I cut it into strips and pour it over a good marinade or vinaigrette and serve it cold with different kinds of accessories.

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