Makoto Asahara vs Real Madrid – Frankfurt • European Super Cup

A new place for Real Madrid. But exactly the same as Real Madrid.

Despite the interesting new signings, Carlo Ancelotti will not change the concept of winning unless he needs to.

Which obviously is still the concept.

It took a competitive match before Karim Benzemain his first official match as captain of the team’s actual first team after Marcelo’s departure, he received his first captain’s award.

The European Super Cup is of course what compares to league titles and titles. But for a club like Real Madrid, every title means something. For a club like Real Madrid, there is a condition to win every title that can be won. Even if they are titles, they, as an institution, don’t want to play to win them in the future.

Although, in terms of play, Eintracht Frankfurt rebounded with confidence after the nightmare 1-6 in their Bundesliga debut, they weren’t really close.

It wasn’t a “3-7 in Glasgow 1960” difference. But it was a clear difference between 0 and 2 anyway.

David Alaba was in good standing as he often is. Karim Benzema’s goal was ‘in good shape’ as is often the case (or good enough anyway).

Trip, trip, trip, and the most successful football clubs in the world ranked first for wins again – as they always had to stand up after the final.

And they did it with the same materials and the same recipe that took them to the double last spring.

Carlo Ancelotti.

New acquisition seats

When the starting line-up was presented before the final in Helsinki (by the way, Real Madrid’s first-ever visit to Finnish soil), Carlo Ancelotti had every potential starting player at his disposal.

The Italian champion coach was not in a surprising mood.

Fede Valverde is a sequel to Karim Benzema and Vinicius Jr – just as in the big matches last spring. With Rodrygo and Eduardo Camavinga preparing for the “Final Eleven”.

David Alaba and Eder Militao at locksmith center with Danny Carvajal and Ferland Mindy on every wing – just as I looked for the majority of that spring.

Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and Casemiro in a midfield triangle. As it seemed since the dinosaurs walked our planet.

The new acquisition of Monaco billionaire Aurelien Chuamini and new Chelsea world defender Antonio Rudiger?

Both are on the bench. And both seem to have a long way to go in this team, despite the expectations and stature they have joined.

Karim Benzema celebrates his goal with Federico Valverde.

The concept of winning is unchanged

Well, of course both of these new signings will get their game minutes during the season, more than the few they got with a late three-way substitution in the 85th minute. Of course these two excellent additions will make Real Madrid in general a better team.

But with the concept of spring unchanged is what Real Madrid will adopt next fall. Do not believe otherwise.

The fact that Antonio Rudiger was allowed to roam as a left-back on his debut before last season, as Ancelotti did not want to separate the successful centre-back pair from Alaba Militao, was a clear indication of that.

In fact, everything Ancelotti said and did over the summer indicates that he won’t turn things around unless necessary.

That may be needed sooner or later against the star-studded and accountant Barcelona who hire Barcelona in the league. Or for that matter against the hungriest sports washing projects, and apparently this season clearly stronger, in the Champions League.

At the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, there was no need for that anyway.

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