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Gnocchi is good, simple and suitable for both daily life and party. Here we’ve rounded up our best gnocchi recipes – from Italian gnocchi gratin to ground gnocchi with black cabbage and pecorino cheese. Plus, Allt om Mat expert Cecilia Lundin shares her best tips on how to cook gnocchi, and what pitfalls to watch out for.

Cooking with gnocchi is a real highlight. Gnocchi, common in northern parts of Italy, has similarities to pasta – but the biggest difference is that gnocchi dough in addition to flour, eggs and water also contains potatoes.

Gnocchi – Suitable for most things

Cecilia Lundin is a chef and expert at Allt om Mat. She believes that gnocchi is a versatile little dumpling that is suitable for most things.

Gnocchi goes well with different types of sauces, such as tomato sauce, cheese sauce or vegetable sauces. Shredded cheese and a little brown butter aren’t stupid either. Since gnocchi has a mild taste that will suit most things, feel free to try serving it with fried pork or bacon and lingonberry jam and it will be like an old Swedish home-cooked dish.

It can be boiled and fried

When it comes to cooking gnocchi, Cecilia believes there are several ways you can go about it, and it depends on how you prefer the texture.

Nochi can be boiled and fried, it depends slightly on how it is served. If gnocchi is served as an accessory to a saucy dish, it is best to fry it because it then retains its firm texture and can absorb the sauce better than if it was cooked and has less texture. In gratin, you can either fry it, cook it first, or take it straight out of the package. But this is also a matter of taste, if you like a firmer texture on your gnocchi, it shouldn’t be boiled – but if you prefer a smoother texture, it’s a better alternative.

It’s easy to make your own gnocchi

Cecilia says making your own gnocchi isn’t as advanced as you might think.

– It is not difficult to make gnocchi yourself, but you should have a good recipe in the right proportions so that it does not become loose or hard. And then it takes some time as it boils, cools, rolls, and forms.

But if you don’t have time to make your own, it’s also possible to buy ready-made garments, she says.

It saves real time compared to DIY. If it’s the weekend and you have plenty of time, it can be fun to make your own, but if it’s every day, it’s great to do, she says.

The basic recipe for homemade gnocchi:

6 great recipes with gnocchi:

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