Lunchbox recipes that impress colleagues

10 Jealousy Dishes in the Lunch Room

Make great lunch boxes when you have to work in an office again.
Make great lunch boxes when you have to work in an office again.

Restrictions go down and offices open – forget home offices and semi-finished products.

Now you have a chance to wow your colleagues with delicious and simple lunch boxes. See our best recipe tips and inspiration here.

For nearly two years, many of us have spent all or part of our time in our home office. A place where you may not always prioritize what you eat – because there are no colleagues to see you.

But now it’s time to go back to the lunchrooms where the lunchbox can be exposed to more than just your looks. So take the opportunity to upgrade your lunch boxes now and it’s time to go back and wow your mates with some of our best recipe tips.

A wallet-friendly dish that you can whip up in bulk, freeze or cook for dinner when you get home from work. The best part is that lasagna, no matter how simple, always looks luxurious.

Recipe from food maker Linnea Seidel with The Linnea Store.

Vegetarian lasagna.

The pasta is a real winner when it comes to lunch boxes – and given plenty of sauce so the pasta doesn’t dry out. And of course, fish can feel forbidden among microwave ovens and odor-sensitive fellows, no danger! The saffron in the sauce will dominate the salmon and give a nice flavor in the lunchroom.

Salmon in a creamy saffron sauce recipe

Salmon in a creamy saffron sauce.

This dish may require more of you in the kitchen. But once you step into the lunch room, you’ll be able to excel with this Indian dish, it’s also made to be in your lunch box. Bring some lipa or naan bread in a bag next to it and you have the most luxurious lunch box for your colleagues.

Recipe from “Green India” by Matthias Christians-Son and Amanpreet Singh Sangha.

Shahi Paneer.

Salad in the lunch box, of course! Plus, a really cute and delicious paddle by super chef Jenny Walden. A tip to keep the salad leaves as long as possible and not get sticky is to put the dressing in a separate small jar. Then it’s only sprayed when it’s lunchtime.

Recipes from Jenny Walden’s cookbook savor a lot in a short time.

Lots of flair in the blink of an eye

Parents, Jenny

Lots of flair in the blink of an eye


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Glass noodle salad with roast beef.

Every day could be taco day. Mix up a mouthwatering taco pie together at the start of the week and you’ve got a lunchbox incentive the rest of the week—bring fresh cream or taco sauce in a jar next to it and add it when the pie is ready to mix. We can promise pals will be newspapers, so who wouldn’t turn out to be newspapers on tacos?

If you can, bring some nachos for extra freshness and flair!

Delicious taco pie recipe

Matej Tacobag.

The classic Haussmann is refreshed with premium ingredients like kale and blue cheese. Sure, blue cheese can add a little aroma to a lunch room – but it’s definitely worth it! In a bowl next to it, simply store the cabbage mixed with gooseberry and apple jam.

Recipe from the book “Home Cooking” by Christina Erickson

Pancake in the oven with turnip and blue cheese.
home cooking

Erickson, Christina

home cooking


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Let your taste buds take a culinary journey to Asia when you brunch with Philip Bonn Fried Egg Noodles. A lunch box that’ll be an enviable taste blast — pasta might lose a little of its potency, but what do you do when it tastes good?

Philip Bonne Fried Egg Noodles recipe

Fried egg noodles from Philip Boone.

Boone, Philip



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Soup always works well in a lunch box, especially when the weather is cooler. Then you can impress your colleagues with Jerusalem artichoke soup, it may sound simple but it sounds more believable.

You can cook the soup with cream and some white wine or alternatively add a few tablespoons of lemon if you like. But it is the acid that provides what is really needed to make the dish good.

Soup pan recipe by Maria Zihamo

Jerusalem artichoke soup with chanterelles.

Make it easy for you when preparing lunch boxes for the work week, and run everything in one bowl and the same pot. Then you can lie to your colleagues that you have stood and cooked for a long time in vego-bollo, when in fact she took care of herself. How good is any time!

Recipes from Madeleine Landley’s All in One Platters book.

1 bowl figo bolognese
All in one plate

Landley, Madeline

All in one plate


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Fish is not the most popular ingredient for Mike, but the classic baked fish with dill sauce will make his mates jealous. They will be sent back to the school canteen when they enjoy this classic dish. If you want to look really professional, you can make mashed potatoes instead of regular stews.

Breaded fish recipe with dill sauce

Baked fish with dill sauce.

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