Lots of wild plants – choose from nature’s store

In the spring, nature is filled with excellent edible wild plants. Filled with chlorophyll and vitamins, it’s a free pantry with the good stuff. Here you get tips on some edible plants and how they can be cooked.

Cherry Bowl – Edible and useful in many recipes

Kirskål can often be found in the shaded part of the garden. For many, this weed is next to impossible to get rid of. But it is actually not a weed, but a wild food vegetable that was grown in the monastery gardens.

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Butter cherry pot fry, make cherry pot or pancake

The little green leaves are really good, they’re full of the good stuff and work really well in all the recipes you’d normally have spinach in. You can, for example, fry it in butter or make pesto or the like in a pie with pot cherries and feta cheese.

advice! Choose small, thin, light green, glossy pot cherry shoots. When they get bigger, they become woody, have a bitter taste and can also have a laxative effect.

Small cherry pie with feta cheese.

Small cherry pie.

Photo: Pernilla Ahlssen

Recipe for cherry pie with feta cheese

A regular pie box or ten small ones.


  • 3 dl of wheat flour
  • 150 grams butter
  • 2 tablespoons cold water
  • filling
  • 400g bowl of cherries
  • 1-2 leeks
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1-2 garlic cloves
  • 150 gm feta cheese

egg punch

  • 3 eggs
  • 3 dl milk
  • 1 deciliter of shredded cheese
  • Thyme, dried or fresh to taste, salt, pepper

do this:

  • Baggage: Combine flour, butter, and water into a dough in a mixer. Let the dough rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  • Set the oven to 200 degrees.
  • Press the dough into small pans. Prick the bottom with a fork and pre-bake for 5 minutes.
  • filling: Clean the bowl of the cherries and remove the stems. Boil the leaves in advance in boiling water and let them dry. Peel and chop onions. Fry it in oil with crushed garlic. Add the bowl of cherries.
  • Spread the filling into the pie crust, and crumble the Ovita cheese.
  • egg punch: Whisk the eggs, milk, cheese, thyme, salt and pepper together and distribute in the moulds.
  • Bake in the oven for 15 minutes or until the egg whites are set.
  • I’m thinking of: Double the time in the oven if you made the pie in a large pie pan.

Onion stalks add flavor to the spice butter

Onions, as their name suggests, have a faint taste to garlic and can be used to make piping, as pesto or in sauces. You can eat both the flower and the leaves. We’ve made a spice butter that goes perfectly with your roast.

Recipe: Spice Butter on Onions

Season the butter on a plate.  Salt next to it.

what do you need:
Butter, onion salt, pepper

  • Stir in room temperature butter with chopped onion broth.
  • Salt and Pepper. Let the butter cool for a few hours before serving.

Lilac syrup goes well with ice cream

Lilac is considered one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs in early summer, as it is distinguished by its beautiful color and wonderful aroma. The small flowers, which grow in clusters, are excellent for eating and we’ve made a wonderful syrup that is perfect for pancakes, ice cream, or a drink for a summertime drink. If you like the smell of oxygen – make a wonderful sugar for sweets and pastries. Sugar can also be used to cool summer drinks or tea.

The syrup made from lilac blossoms is poured into transparent buckets.

Lilac drink.

Photo: Pernilla Ahlssen

Recipe: Lilac syrup with delicious color

If you want to further enhance the color, let some blueberries boil. The drink continues for several months.

what do you need:

  • 3 dL Floral Purple
  • 2 deciliters of water
  • 2 dl caster sugar

how to use:

  • Rinse the flowers. Scratch the young flowers from the stem.
  • Boil the water and sugar and leave it on a low heat until the sugar dissolves.
  • Put the flowers and possibly blueberries in, and let them soak under a lid overnight in the fridge.
  • Strain the flowers and pour them into clean bottles.

Recipe: Lilac Sugar

what do you need:

Purple-purple flowers without stems, perhaps washed – in this case let it dry completely Powdered sugar, a glass container.

how to use:

  • Roll sugar and flowers in a jar.
  • Let the jar stand for 3-4 days, preferably cool and dark. Shake occasionally until everything is mixed.
  • If necessary, drain the sugar and throw the flowers in or keep them until they dry and turn a little brown. If sugar clumps, it can break down or mix easily.
  • Store the oxygen sugar in a jar with a lid. Save summer in a bottle and enjoy the taste of lilac until the autumn storms subside.

Use weeds – make dandelion jam

Dandelion is a weed that many hate. Instead of getting annoyed with them, we made a delicious sunny yellow jam that goes perfectly with cheese and crackers.

I’m thinking of! Don’t get too close to a busy road, it is usually said that it should be at least 50 meters away. Also, don’t pick up the compost pile. Weeds are best in early spring when the leaves are small and fluffy. Remember to only choose if you are sure of what it is.

A glass jar with jam made from chicory.

Dandelion jam.

Photo: Pernilla Ahlssen

Recipe: dandelion jam

what do you need:

  • 4 deciliters of chicory
  • 3 dl water
  • 3 dl jam sugar
  • 1 lemon, peeled into pieces

do this:

  • Scrape the yellow petals from the flower.
  • Boil water in a pot. Remove the pan from the heat and add the petals. Soak for 30 minutes. Drain the petals, and pour the liquid back into the saucepan.
  • Add jam and sugar and cook over low heat until sugar dissolves. Skim the jam.
  • Rinse the lemon well. Lemon peel and grate and squeeze the juice. Chop the peel and add to the jam. Pour into clean jars. Store jam in the refrigerator.

Smoothie bowl with nett fruit and elm, topped with raspberry.


Photo: Pernilla Ahlssen

Recipe: Smoothie bowl with nettles and elm

Elm fruit is good to eat and has a slightly nutty taste. The fruit is in clusters and is small, oval and flat in light green colour. It goes perfectly with salads or as here in a smoothie. Be careful not to eat too many seeds, as the elm needs to be propagated.

Nite, also known as Wet Heritage, is one of our most popular weeds. It has small green, tear-growing leaves, and is easy to identify as one side of the stem is covered in small, fine hairs. Nate in Smoothies is a perfect way to add some extra goodies.

what do you need:

  • ripe banana
  • fructo
  • Nate
  • Turkish Yogurt

do this:

  • Mix banana, elm fruit, nettle and Turkish yogurt.
  • The raspberries and nuts were topped off, but of course it went well with the other optional toppings. Juice is suitable as a breakfast and snack.

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