Let your genes make the list – Kavall & Dynamic Code in a new collaboration

Dynamic Deliveries is now being launched – a new concept where the diet is tailored to fit your genes. Run a simple DNA test and click on homemade foods and recipes in a jiffy.

Everyone knows that healthy food is good for your health. But individual genetic differences make our bodies react differently to nutrients. That’s why Dynamic Deliveries is now being launched. The concept is based on combining the latest health technologies with lightning-fast home delivery. Dynamic Code has developed a DNA test and Kavall delivers the food.

– We analyze 16 genetic markers and provide definitive answers on what diet and exercise are best for each individual based on these specific genes. The technique based on polymerase chain reaction is a proven and reliable method for DNA analysis, says Lousie Nylén, CEO of Dynamic Code.

The basis of a healthy lifestyle is to be able to adapt the diet to your own circumstances and daily life. Through this concept, we help our clients to choose the right fit and quickly initiate lifestyle changes. The order is made through our application and after ten minutes the raw materials and recipes are delivered to your door, says John Tingberg, Caval CEO.

The DNA test is called a BODY and is performed by self-sampling where a sampling wand is rubbed on the inside of the cheek and then sent for analysis.

Lab results show how your body reacts to carbohydrates, fats, antioxidants, and caffeine, for example. It also shows if your body is best suited for blast training or endurance training. With BODY, you are given an opportunity to adapt your diet and exercise to your own circumstances in order to improve health.says Joanna Loone, Product Owner at Dynamic Code.

Dynamic Code and Kavall are startups in the health technology and food industry. Collaboration around Dynamic Deliveries builds on the combined driving force to simplify and improve the daily lives of its customers.

Dynamic delivery:

  • Dynamic delivery can be ordered between April 25 and June 5. The DNA test is called BODY and it is sold at a discount on the Dynamic Codes website during the campaign period. Read more about the body test here.
  • Dynamic deliveries in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö can be ordered via the Kaval app.
  • Dynamic delivery recipes were developed in collaboration with Mattias “Friday chef” Larsson.
  • Dynamic delivery is available in 8 different types. Regarding the test result you received, you will receive a recommendation as to which one fits your DNA.

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