Lennart Ekdal fed up with the men of his generation: ‘Old men are angry, sharpen’

“They end friendships over bullshit, stop hearing from each other and don’t protect relationships.” Journalist Lennart Ekdal believed that the counter-image was essential to all self-burning males, and wrote a book with recipes on how to live life.

The villa in Bromma is comfortable, the living room is airy, with a book wall, fireplace and elegant design furniture. He receives, barefoot, smiling with mischievous ruffles on his sharply cut face, like a cross between Ernst Kirchsteiger and Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards. Or as a portrait of Lennart Ekdal’s idealism, the good life is rock ‘n’ roll. Or “just right” in Ekdalska.

Iron journalist, host, football dad and hobbyist Lennart Ekdal can now also add the title of “author” to the line. During the pandemic, take the opportunity to read the biographies of Michael Barbrandt and Johann Kronmann and the memoirs of Ulf Lundell. It was a strong reaction. With the new book “Ekdal & Livet” he wants to give an anti-male image who burns themselves and instead emphasizes life.

Common among these men is that they are superheroes, drugs, burning friendships and relationships along with the other side. It’s gambling addiction, alcoholism, depression, suicidal thoughts, twisted relationships with parents and partners, broken hearts, and a cracked aorta. And I thought, Oh my God, what a miserable life they are talking about. I wanted to write a counter book.

Lennart Ekdal

age 68 years old.

family Mrs. Malin, sons Joel, Albin, Hjlmar and three grandchildren.

Bor Bromma.

Profession Social journalist, presenter, author.

Listen to Extensive music from 1966 and 20 onwards.

reading Now Håkan Nesser and some football books because I have ideas to write something about it.

Proud of My children and my career.

Free time I lead an integrated life that includes leisure, work lines and playing golf in two bands; Lennart Ekdal’s Big Red Band and Jimmy Oller’s Band.

Dislike Stupid leaders, restrained nationalism, greed, cowardly people.

current with The book “Ekdal & Livet” model.

In the book, Ekdal describes actor Michael Persbrandt’s autobiography, “As I Remember It,” as the most stressful he’s read. So he gives advice. “Please, you can’t just make one wise decision and try to stick to it.” Then Ulf Lundell observed the worst sufferings of death by drawing, writing songs and publishing thousands of pages of diaries about his loneliness at home in Österlen. It doesn’t call out any polar bears and seems unable to do anything about it.

Many men my age are unable to handle situations, they end friendships for nonsense. They become socially lazy, stop hearing, do not protect relationships, mutter about the nature of life, lose curiosity.

When people say, “Since when do we have to see each other,” I know that person will never achieve it. But then I fix it myself and give my annoyance phase. And it gets easier as the years go by.

Or, as he himself writes: “This probably applies to both marital and friend relationships. Some men refrain from entering into a deeper relationship with a woman precisely because they feel they can’t handle her. There is also no risk of disappointment and anxiety if the relationship breaks down.” .

Agdal himself, then? Is it old-fashioned no, boyish no, boyish – sure yes. He’s never beaten, never drunk across the border (at present), loves to spend a poker night with Steffo Törnquist and other Linköping Poles since his youth and has been living with Malin for 40 years. he is writing: “Man is not necessarily a herd, but interaction with others is necessary. You cannot do without friends”.

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Lennart is concerned about the growing gaps in society:

– Stop with Cayman Island. Share with you for a thousand!

Many older and deceitful men are still fond of their outward role, but the counterweight to the idyll is roots, relationships, security, and harmony, in its case translated into – Brommahus, family, friends, and Malin.

Ekdal is best known for social journalism, first at Östgöta Correspondenten, DN, and Veckans Affärer, then as a financial reporter on TV-Aktuellt and co-founded TV4-Nyheterna in 1990. He was then a presenter for most channels. Social programs until he left the channel after 23 years, programs such as Svart eller Vitt, Kvällsöppet and Kalla fakta.

– Perhaps I was not completely afraid, which is something I got from my father, he says.

Sure, he was lucky in life. But you also have to be able to manage the tour as it arrives. For example, when he took a temporary position for two months on the DN Financial Pages. He knew absolutely nothing about economics and sat with an encyclopedia on his lap and learned words like “solidity” and “creditor”. Today, he is the “encyclopedia” and has used, among other things, his knowledge to become financially independent in stock savings. But also through work.

The years between 1985 and 1995 were torn apart. When I started working as a presenter, the job became airy and well paid.

In discussions, he was not afraid of bad moods that easily arise when touching on sensitive issues. He has a natural respect for him.

People may get nervous before programs. Sometimes I stood and patted the guests and calmed them down before the broadcast by saying, “Maybe it should go well.”

“I share with you”

In his profession, he has also met business leaders and billionaires. He loves many of them personally but at the same time hates the primal greed which unfortunately many of the excessively old men suffer from. He worries about the growing gaps in society now that the return on capital is steadily higher than wage increases and urges the wealthy to exercise restraint.

– Stops with Cayman Islands and PO Box companies. Share with you for a thousand!

5 tips from Lennart

This is how to have a 40 year relationship

1. patience. To be prepared to weather crises. We’ve been through some.

2. Humor It is an essential component of all relationships. So you can laugh about it all sometimes.

To find out the value in cohesion. The reward is great, a close-knit family.

4. Don’t be alarmed by the crap. Learn what’s important. If someone never puts in cheese, then ignore it, put it in yourself.

5. Romance. Of course, it is true that a few gifts and romance from time to time are good. And coffee in bed…

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