Italian family company Rana, the world leader in fresh pasta, launches two delicious fall and winter flavors developed for the Nordic region

RANA welcomes fall with delicious fresh, seasonal pasta – check out delicious winter novelties Mushroom & White Truffle and Gorgonzola DIP & Walnuts.

Rana, the world’s leading manufacturer of fresh pasta, is now launching a new winter edition with two delicious recipes for fresh pasta stuffed during the season – the focus is on the gastronomic experience.

What could be better than a good plate of fresh pasta to enhance the atmosphere of a warm fall and winter?

If you add flavors in season, you will have an unbeatable dining experience, delicious and easy to prepare. Excellent as a weekend dinner or why not as a lunch or dinner option in your busy everyday life. Now RANA, the market leader in fresh pasta, is launching a new winter edition with two types of pasta in season – where the tasting experience can be the focus.

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The winter edition consists of two seasonally influenced novelties; Girasole with Gorgonzola DOP, walnuts, gyrosole with mushrooms and white truffles. Both share an assortment of sunflower-shaped stuffed pasta Girasoli, which looks simple to execute but is full of flavor thanks to the high-quality ingredients carefully selected by the team of chefs at RANA. For the winter version, the ravioli is bigger and the pasta dough is bigger Thin and has a very generous and wonderful filling.

Girasole with Gorgonzola DOP and walnuts The flavor combination elevates that’s hard to beat as creamy Italian DOP-branded gorgonzola meets crunchy walnuts. Here you get both softness and texture in one, with nice chewing resistance And the taste is amazing.

Girasole with mushrooms and white truffles It contains, just as the name reveals, two fall favorites in the form of mushrooms and truffles. Delicious Paris mushrooms are combined with delicious white truffle, both of which are a true gem of the season. To add a smoother contrast and at the same time achieve perfect harmony, ricotta and hard cheese are added.

The common denominators of both types in WINTER EDITION from RANA are the carefully selected high-quality ingredients, the unique taste and of course the very thin pasta dough. The beautiful color and smooth character comes from RANA’s special blend of selected wheat, durum wheat flour and fresh eggs that give a pasta dough full of flavour.

Like the rest of the current RANA range, the new WINTER EDITION products do not contain preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, palm oil or GMOs.

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Keen to try? You can find delicious WINTER EDITION novelties from RANA on the shelf of fresh pasta for around 40-45 SEK at ICA, Hemköp, City Gross and more. The package is 250g, great for a meal for two or smaller appetizers for four.

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A great advantage of ravioli, in addition to its good taste, is that no noticeable effort is required to obtain a tasty result. Cook for four minutes in salted water, and fry the pasta in olive oil or quickly fry in a frying pan with a little butter. Add salt and pepper when serving. in good health!

You will find inspiring and easy-to-cook recipes or in the attached pdf file.

Girasoli Gorgonzola DOP and walnuts with caramelized shallots, black cabbage and chopped walnuts.

Girasole mushrooms and white truffles with parmigiano-reggiano and chanterelle sauce.


In 1962 Pastificio Rana opened in San Giovanni Lupatoto, a small village near Verona, Italy. This was the beginning of a journey where the focus is on taste and quality. A journey based on tradition driven by innovation.

The company was founded by Giovanni Rana and managed by current CEO Gian Luca Rana for more than 30 years, who has made the group a world leader in the production and marketing of fresh food products (packaged and unpackaged pasta, gnocchi, ready meals and ready-made sauces).

From a small Italian family business located in the province of Verona, the company has grown steadily over the years. Today Pastificio Rana is present in 66 countries, has 8 factories (5 in Italy, 1 in Belgium and 2 in the USA) and resembles a large family of 4000 people who all share the company’s values.

Gian Luca Rana leads the company with passion and a focus on innovation, internationalization, and people, with a focus on the future. Rana invests and invests heavily in research and development in the field of novelties and places a lot of emphasis on selecting the absolute best raw materials, aiming to provide consumers only high quality products and unique flavors. This, combined with passion and vast experience, has made Rana products known and appreciated all over the world. Since 2007, the company has also managed restaurant operations in a “cooking show” format, where dishes are prepared in large open kitchens. Currently, Rana has 22 restaurants across Italy as well as one in Berlin.

Rana is a story built on love, respect and passion for fresh pasta, which has spread to the large Rana family for six decades on dining tables and a growing number of customers around the world.


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