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Do you enjoy cooking outdoors? Then the fryer is the perfect tool. Around it, many guests can help with cooking and only imagination sets the limits of what you can cook. All about Food has our food expert Gunilla von Heland and food writer Oskar Ekman help out for the best tips and step-by-step guide for those who want to start cooking on a baking sheet.

How to use the fryer?

The outdoor cooking is great and the food is always delicious. Gunilla von Heland says a wok, which is a small pot shaped skillet, is heated properly and then you can stir-fry, boil, fry or bake.

Oscar Ekman, along with home chef Sarah Halunston, authored the books “The Skillet Cookbook” (2021) and “Another Skillet Cookbook” (2022). His advice to beginners is to be bold.

Oscar Ekman in the frying pan. Image from the book “The Frying Pan Cookbook”
Pictured: Walter Eckmann

Dare to try your hand. Begin by moving your usual cooking to the oven when the weather permits. Basically, everything can be done on it – and it will be much more fun. Then you will gradually discover a lot of new opportunities.

You can use the stove over open fires during a flight or with coal and LPG – is there any advantage to this or other type of heat source?

An open fire gives an unbeatable comfort factor, but it also becomes difficult to regulate the heat. Charcoal is good if you want, for example, to use a regular grill as a heat source. LPG is the best choice when you want to make more sophisticated dishes. They usually have two or three burners that can be individually regulated — that way you can easily cook using indirect heat, says Oscar Ekman.

Gunilla von Heland, food expert and recipe maker at Allt om Mat, on what you can cook on a baking sheet
Photo: Helen B

Gas stoves are the perfect heat source for most outdoor situations. The kettle heats up quickly and you can easily adjust the heat. Choose a stove with two burner rings to be able to vary the heat with an outdoor and an indoor heating zone, says Gunilla von Heland and continues:

The burner can also be set to open or glowing fire. Here it is important to trace the heat source to get a proper and even heat. Then the pan needs a stand.

How do you cook on a frying pan?

When grilling, you have a decent view of the coals, but when do you know when the pan is hot enough, for example?

– You learn it quickly. Instead, start gently and gradually increase the temperature. Oscar Ekman says a real tech nerd can of course have an infrared thermometer…

What can you cook in a frying pan?

Baked steak and fries on a baking tray, served with a cool herb dressing. Halloumi is an alternative for vegetarians and pregnant women. Photo from “The Pan Cookbook” by Oscar Ekman and Sarah Halunstein
Photo: Oscar Ekman/Frying pan cookbook

In your “cookbook for the stove” you seem to be able to cook everything – from smoking to frying!

Yes, it is no coincidence that there are variations on the stove in almost all culinary cultures. The shape and size make it very versatile, unlike a grill. Toast nuts for snacks, bake bread, cook for many under the hood! Why don’t we bake a giant pie? Or fix a fun popcorn firework that kids love.

Gunilla von Heland also believes that most things can be cooked in a skillet.

You can cook just about anything, but some dishes are very good. It’s great for making wok, paella or pudding. But also eggs or scrambled eggs, bacon, ground beef sauce, and stews that shouldn’t be cooked for too long work well. It is an innovative way of cooking and it is important to prepare and prepare in slightly different ways.

On the other hand, large cuts of meat and a whole salmon work well.

Is there anything you should never try to cook on the stovetop?

A frying pan is ideal for frying, but we don’t recommend making it over an open fire due to the risk of fire, says Oscar Ekman.

Can you barbecue on muurikka?

– No, it’s a frying pan and the food is fried or cooked. On the other hand, in a frying pan over an open fireplace, smoke from the fire can give a certain barbecue taste to the dish, says Gunilla von Heland.

What are the advantages of cooking on the stove compared to a grill?

– Above all, ingenuity. But I also think it’s easier to achieve success, simply put. Hand in Hand – How many BBQ dinners have you not been invited to where the food is either burnt, dry or have time to cool down when the accessories are ready? As Oscar Ekman says.

Compared to grilling, a griddle has many advantages. It’s energy efficient, quick to heat up, easy to clean, says Gunilla von Heland, and continues:

– It is perfect for cooking delicious full dinners outdoors in the woods, on the balcony or in the barbecue area. You can cook for many in a simple way. You can cook many different dishes, rice dishes, pasta and stews. It is also good to fry flat bread, such as naan bread. It is also ideal for serving directly from.

What are the most common mistakes you make when using a frying pan?

– You’re using a lot of heat. Start by browning the meat over medium heat, for example, then reduce it to a large extent and fry or grill it all under the lid, says Oscar Ekman.

A common mistake is cooking with too little fat and food getting stuck in the pan. It could also be because the muurikkan was not heated up enough, says Gunilla von Heland and continues:

Remember not to put too much in one go, which means that the pan is cooling and what needs to be fried/roasted may boil over.

Another mistake is not using the entire pan. On the outer edges where you can put what started and then fry ready after heating, for example french fries, while you continue to fry, for example, minced meat and prepare the sauce in the middle.

When you take the step and decide to buy a frying pan – how do you think? measuring? Quality?

– There are stoves for fireplaces and stoves with accompanying gas stoves. It is usually available in two different materials – hot rolled steel or cast iron. If you want to move the stove or carry it with you, steel is the best choice. If you fry in a stationary place, cast iron can be an alternative, it keeps the heat for a long time. Think about it first, do you have a fireplace where you want to cook? Or do you want to cook on the balcony? Gunilla continues:

If you want to cook for a few people, you can choose a smaller 48cm type to cook for two, but it can hold up to 4-6 people. 58cm for 6 people, but it can hold about 10 people if the space is used to the maximum. If you want to cook for more, you should choose a size between 70-100 cm.

There are many brands and most of them are of high quality. If you want to be able to bring a frying pan in the boat or to the cottage, an average size of 58 cm can be good. If you intend to use it primarily in the garden, I recommend a size of 78 cm or even 100 cm if you often have large parties, says Oscar Ekman.

I read in an interview with Oscar and Sarah that the interest in frying is evenly distributed among women and men, while grilling is still very much a man’s prerogative. What do you think depends on?

Cooking on the stove is not an art sport. All you need is a kettle and a heat source. The rounded shape is also very attractive and encourages more social cooking, almost as it is around a campfire. I think this appeals to a lot of men and women.

How did you start cooking on a baking sheet? Are you tired of barbecue?

– Yeah, I’ve never really been friends with the rotisserie. I think good ingredients come better right in the pan.

Finally – what is your favorite dish to cook on a baking sheet?

– Nothing beats the classic Biff Rydberg! Oscar Ekman says

Gunilla von Heland recommends these recipes for the pan:

How to clean a frying pan – Morica Care Tips

Wipe up any food residue with a rag or kitchen paper while the stove is still hot

Pour a little water and bring to a boil to remove dirt from the steel. note! Never use detergents!

Scrape away dirt and food residue with a wooden spoon. Pat dry with paper towels.

If you want to get rid of the aftertaste in the pan, you can heat it up and sprinkle a layer of salt that helps absorb moisture, grease, and dirt. Let the salt darken and then wipe it with kitchen paper. Rinse with water. dry.

Always lubricate the stove with a little cooking oil when cleaning it.

If your stove has rust, you can clean the rust spots with steel wool or a grill brush. Then clean as instructed.

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