Here’s the viral recipe for the salmon bowl that cracked TikTok

It’s not uncommon for recipes to hit TikTok, but few videos have become as popular as Emily Mariko’s salmon dish. We show you how to succeed with the viral recipe!

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In the fall, TikTok profiler Emily Mariko posted a video in which she prepares a so-called bowl of rice and salmon, among other things. This may not sound unusual, but the video quickly went viral – the fact is that it became so popular that even TikTok themselves tweeted about it:

“Emilymariko is now cracking up on TikTok with salmon, rice…and a piece of ice,” the platform wrote on Twitter.

This ice cube is part of the video’s popularity, but also the fact that the dish is considered delicious despite the simple recipe could be a key reason for its widespread popularity.

It could be called viral: at the time of writing, the clip has had 7.7 million likes, and Mariko’s account has gone from a few hundred thousand followers to 10.5 million followers.

This is how things go

In the video, Mariko uses salmon and white rice she cooked the day before. Mash the salmon with a fork and place the rice on top of the salmon. Then you put an ice cube on the rice and cover the food with parchment paper before you heat it in the microwave – you can read why in more detail in the article.

Mariko doesn’t heat food long enough for the ice cube to melt, so she throws it away after heating. Then drizzle over the chili sauce, soy sauce and mayonnaise and mix everything. She also adds avocado slices, dried seaweed, and kimchi.

So, the trick works with an ice cube

The reason Mariko puts an ice cube on the rice before heating it in the microwave is because the rice in this way avoids drying out during cooking. Christopher Arturo, a cooking teacher at the Institute of Culinary Education in the US, explains to Huffpost why this trick works:

“Rice dries out over time and the surface can become crunchy and almost hard. Putting an ice cube and covering the dish before heating it in the microwave produces steam, which causes the food to completely heat up,” says Arturo and continues:

An ice cube gives the microwave something to heat up and the steam spreads all over the plate – which means that half of the plate isn’t cold. Steam is a kind of permeable heat that heats food evenly. The baking paper also helps trap the heat. The steam rises and hits the paper and the hot liquid flows down and heats up. Food. If Emily heats food in the microwave for too long, the ice will melt completely.”

Here you can watch the viral video!

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