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Are you tired of burning halloumi cheese? Here are the chef’s recipes and tips for successfully grilling halloumi and grilled cheese, a good alternative to meat and rich in protein. Everything about the food guides you on the best way to grill halloumi.

Halloumi is a white cheese from Cyprus. Nowadays, there are a number of Swedish alternatives to the salty, chewy cheese we call grelume or grilled cheese. Cheese, made from a mixture of cow, sheep, and goat’s milk, has grown in popularity over the past decade and is increasingly appearing on the grill during barbecue season. But … how to grill cheese so that its surface is beautiful without burning? All About Chef Matt Cecilia Lundin shares her tricks for success with grilled halloumi.

Tips for grilling halloumi

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when grilling halloumi?

All accessories are ready and assembled. Halloumi should be served fresh when it is at its best.

How do you prevent cheese from burning or melting during the grill?

Ensure that the grill grate is properly cleaned. Grease the cheese lightly with oil so that it is easy to stir.

What is the best grilling tool?

It is best to use a grill spoon with a long handle when grilling cheese. It is easier to turn around with a shovel and with a long pole the risk of burning yourself is lower.

What size should be on the pieces?

– It’s a bit a matter of taste, some want thinner slices and some thicker. It works faster with thinner slices, but if you want to eat halloumi cheese as a burger, for example, it’s better to have a thicker slice.

One type that many professional chefs recommend is to grill the whole halloumi and then slice it.

Hint! Place the halloumi slices on a grill rack and place them on the grill to reduce the risk of cheese falling into the coals.

What kind of halloumi should you choose – does it matter?

– No, both halloumi and other barbecue cheeses are for barbecue, so choose the one you think is tastier.

What heat should be on the grill?

The grill should be hot and have a nice gray sheen around 140 degrees.

Should you grill on indirect or direct heat?

Directly until the cheese gets a nice color.

Grilled Halloumi Without Burning – How Do You Make It?

Don’t grill cheese like raw food because it’s ready. But it is better if it is completely warm. Flip it back and forth a few times until you get a nice surface and get warm.

Common mistakes when grilling halloumi

What are the most common mistakes we make when grilling halloumi cheese?

You should lie and wait for it to be served after you take it off the grill, the cheese will be hard and dull.

Do you have tips on something good to serve with grilled halloumi?

– Because the cheese is very salty, I think it is good to serve something sweet, for example a watermelon or a small sweet tomato.

Recipes for good dishes with grilled halloumi

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