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By seasoning meat, fish, chicken or vegetables, the ingredients get more flavor and color. However, it is important to allow the raw material to sit for a while to be able to absorb the flavors in the marinade, so here are the charts A and O. The length of time the raw material should be marinated depends on its volume.

As long as the raw material is soaked – time is critical

A 1 1/2 pound ham or appetizer steak needs about two days in the marinade to be able to absorb the flavors, while thinner fish fillets may only need to lie in the marinade for 30 minutes to taste, she says. Cecilia Lundin.

If the marinade is too sour, the marinade can thaw if left too long, which means that the grilled result will not be good. The same goes if you have marinade, it can make raw materials taste very salty. Cecilia advises to always follow the recommendations in the recipe to get the best result.

The difference between a purchased and homemade marinade

There are a lot of different pickles, both homemade recipes and store-bought ones. Cecilia says the differences between a purchased marinade and a homemade marinade aren’t huge, but there’s an advantage to making your own.

If you make the marinade yourself, you can taste the marinade and maybe add more heat, some other herbal seasoning, or a little sugar to get your own twist on the marinade. But the final seasoning is smooth, you can quickly put whatever you want to grill. It’s also smart to use if you’re in a place where it’s hard to get a full range of spices, for example in a caravan or on a boat on vacation.

The homemade marinade can be easily flavored the way you like it.
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Marinate after grilling

If you don’t want to marinate the meat or have time, you can do so after you’ve cooked it. For example, pork, chicken, and steak steaks can be covered in a marinade when the meat is grilled and sliced.

– If you have a short time, it is good to do it this way. If the raw material has not been left in the marinade long enough, it is best to marinate it afterwards so that you know that the meat attracts the marinade and becomes really tasty.

Marinated ready meat

If you want to make it really easy for you, there is a whole range of ready-made products at the meat counter where all you have to do is prepare the raw materials.

Pre-soaked meat is a handy product if you have limited raw materials in your pantry or are on a picnic. In general, I think that ready-made products have become much better in recent years, in the past they were often very salty and tasted mostly barbecue seasoning. It has now been revised and there are really good products on the market, says Cecilia Lundin.

Salt water can make you sick

It is important not to use a marinade in which the raw material was traced as a dipping sauce. Since there is raw food in it, you can get really sick from using marinade again. This applies above all to chicken but also to meat and fish.

On the other hand, you can boil the marinade, maybe add a little more sugar or soy or other seasonings, shake off a little cornstarch and suddenly the marinade is a sauce. No waste!

How to season the marinade

Chicken and curry are top taste buds that’s no surprise, but did you know that star anise is excellent for pregnancy? Here you get tips on the right flavors for any raw material.

sheepLemon, cinnamon, red wine, garlic, anise, cumin, mint and rosemary.

pork meatGinger, lemon, lime, cumin, paprika powder, sesame seeds, apple juice, rosemary, sage, and thyme.

Fish and seafoodWhite wine, lemon, saffron, dill, chives, lemon thyme and fennel (fresh and dried).

beefHot peppers, hot sauce, bay leaves, basil, thyme, thyme, black pepper, garlic and red wine.

chickenCurry, anchovies, capers, garlic, white wine or rose wine, lemon, orange, lime, coriander (fresh and dried).

vegetablesFlake salt, hot pepper, sesame seeds, tarragon, chervil and thyme.

It goes well with lamb, for example, rosemary and garlic.
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The difference between marinade, satin and rub


Boiled sauce is often thicker than sugar, some acids and spices, which are then brushed over what’s on the grill. Glass gives a sweeter, sticky, and slightly caramelized surface to raw materials. The sweeter the glass, the easier it is to burn on the grill.


A mixture of dry spices is rubbed into what is to be grilled to give the surface a wonderful taste of the seasoning. Good when you forget to soak the raw material or you don’t have the time.


A mixture of liquids such as oil, wine, and soybeans flavored with spices and garlic, to be added to the food to attract flavours.

Glaze is applied to the raw materials as they are placed on the grill.
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Tips for good seasoning

Lamb, chicken and pork

Beef and fish

Salmon and mackerel


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