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Mashed potatoes and nuts – popular, tasty and easy to cook
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The trend of food pulverization, i.e. crushing or “smashing” of food, is spreading in Sweden. From mashed potatoes to desserts and mashed burgers. All Food Talk to recipe makers and food experts about how to cook modern food and why it’s so good when you smash potatoes!

In recent years, pureed food has emerged as a hot ingredient in Swedish cuisine. The fact that it’s smashed simply means that you’re pushing to get what’s going to be cooked and either a little or a frying pan. Most attention was paid to mashed potatoes where boiled potatoes are better, and it is better to put the peel on them, flatten them and put them in the oven. If you want to make it easy on yourself, pressed potatoes can be covered with shredded cheese, herbs, or salt. By pressing and then satisfying the raw material, you get a new, slightly crunchy texture.

Petra Lindstrand, recipe maker and costume designer at Allt om Mat, has created one of the most popular recipes when it comes to mashed potatoes.

Why has food crushing become such a popular method of cooking?

I think a lot of people might find it difficult to come up with something that feels good about potatoes. One would think that mostly boiled potatoes. This is an easy and fun way to turn a boring little potato into a fancy and fun accessory that also tastes great.

What do you do with the food – in terms of texture and taste?

– By smashing the potatoes, the feeling of “boring” potatoes disappears. If you marinate and drink, among other things, butter, olive oil, cheese, breadcrumbs, and herbs, every bite will be delicious and crunchy.

The best potatoes for mashed potatoes

Petra recommends Amandine Potatoes when making mashed potatoes. It is a hard potato that keeps its shape after cooking. But you can smash any item you want.

– It’s just a matter of trying. You can probably smash most things; Try broccoli, beets, Jerusalem artichoke, or sweet potatoes, for example.

Petra mashed potatoes with Västerbotten cheese and fried salted salmon is an example of the allt om mat recipe.

How did you come up with the recipe?

– I wrote my first mashed potato recipe three, four years ago. For this dish, I wanted my mashed potatoes to be a little Swedish with Västerbotten cheese instead with a cool summer feel. I love salmon in all its forms and think the potatoes would go well with lightly fried salmon.

The smash trend has found its way into sweets. Of course you can use the method when serving desserts as well. Pavlova works well as crushed – see here:

Mashed Burger

On the other hand, mashing burgers has been on the agenda for a long time and is a method used to get a firm, slightly crunchy surface on ground beef while more surfaces get a taste. Mashed burgers are obtained by quickly rolling the minced meat into a ball and placing it in the pan where you press it firmly. According to American burger expert George Motz, who Alt Homme Matt spoke to previously, this isn’t a new way to fry burgers.

– It is actually a very old method that has been around for several hundred years, but has become popular and fashionable again in recent times. Lately, it’s also become popular with “severe smashing”, where the burgers are so flat that you can almost see them straight through. I’ve seen that more and more places are using this method, says George Motz.

Read the full interview with George Motz here!

Mashed potatoes and mashed burgers in common, flatten them pretty much before they’re cooked. However, the cooking is different – the vegetables that are crushed are crushed in the oven, and the burgers are fried in a frying pan or on a baking sheet.

Recipes of mashed potatoes and other mashed dishes

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