Fontana Grellome® BBQ Cheese as a Max Burger in Store

Max Grellome Burger is now available in stores. Behind the Grilloumi® family brand Fontana. The company’s grilled cheese according to its own recipe is made in Sweden from Nordic milk. At Max, the Grilloumi Burger replaces the popular halloumi burger. But in the store you can find both.

Grilled burgers entered Max’s restaurants in the country at the beginning of the year. Like its predecessor the halloumi burger, it’s based on grilled cheese from the family-owned Fontana company. Now that MAX has changed the Cypriot origin to Fontana’s BBQ cheese, the Swedish Grilloumi burger is also launching in stores under the MAX brand.

“We are so proud and happy that Max has chosen to work with our grill cheese Fontana Swedish Grilloumi®, in both restaurants and our cheeseburger in the store,” he says. Louisos Papadopoulos, CEO of Fontana Foods.

– I think it’s so much fun to take our products to the store and give guests the opportunity to explore new flavors and combinations for themselves. By launching Grilloumin® in stores, more people can choose green alternatives to red meat while making burgers that taste and do good — at home in their kitchen, he says. Jonas Martinson, Head Chef at MAX Burgers

The first halloumi in Sweden

Fontana introduced Cypriot halloumi cheese in Sweden in 1984. The private label Grellome was launched in 2010, Swedish Grellome came from Norland Milk a few years later, and was developed in collaboration with Nurmerier. Anyone who wants to keep their halloumi burger at home can find a cheeseburger under the Fontana brand.

Grellumi® from northern cow’s milk

Unlike halloumi which is made from cow’s, sheep and goat’s milk, Swedish Fontana Grellome is made exclusively from cow’s milk. The result is a slightly acidic cream cheese with a balanced saltiness.

Facts about the Max Grilloumi® burger and the Fontana Halloumi burger

Max Grellome Burger Made from pasteurized Swedish cow’s milk and stored in brine. Max Burger comes in 4 packs 4 x 60g cheese is made at Nurmerier in Umeå according to the Fontana family recipe. The Grilloumi® burger is available for purchase in Citygross, ICA, Willys and Hemköp in Sweden from V22. The recommended price is 44.90 SEK.

Fontana Hallowumiburgare It is made from cow, sheep and goat milk seasoned with mint and stored in brine. Halloumi burger comes in 4 packs of 4 x 60 grams. The product is available for purchase at ICA, Willys, Hemköp and Citygross from V22. The recommended price is 44.90 SEK.

For more information, please contact: Corina Papadopoulou, press contact,

Fontana Food AB is a Swedish family business and since its inception in 1978, the Papadopoulos family has been the food ambassador of Greece, Cyprus and the Mediterranean countries in Sweden. Fontana has always worked for a sustainable society in terms of people, animals and nature. This is something founder Frixos Papadopoulos has always cherished, long before it ended up in the spotlight and public debate today. Today Fontana is operated in the second generation with her son Loizos Papadopoulos as CEO and daughter Corina Papadopoulou as CEO.

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