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Preparing dishes with cassler is easy and the salty meat gives the meal a good flavor. Here are 6 easy recipes with Cassler—from pasta and pie gratin to creamy Hawaiian cassler. All About Chef Mat also gives advice on the best way to prepare casseroles.

Cassler is cured, smoked pork, and consists mainly of small cutlets. It can be served cold as is, cooked in a pie, gratin, or pasta sauce, or as a filling for example cannelloni and crepes. Try one of the recipes below for dinner.

Chef Cecilia Lundin on how to prepare and season casseroles:

Kassler is a practical product that can be eaten both hot and cold. Because it is smoked, it is durable, which is especially good in summer.

The casserole can be sliced ​​and eaten cold, for example with potato salad, or boiled quickly and served with a hot sauce, such as mushroom sauce. They can be sliced ​​and mixed into pasta, pie, or in a cold salad. Cut into cubes and form the base of the pond in the pan.

It goes so well with the gratin, many of us remember the classic ’70s casserole with pineapple, in which casserole slices were oven-safe and topped with pineapple rings (from the can), shredded cheese, and a little paprika powder by being grateful. But the casserole can be made a little more modern with seasonings to go with it, for example curries and sweet and spicy sauces, such as sweet chili and ginger and end up in a stir-fry, in fried rice or in a skillet with vegetables such as peppers, green onions, bean sprouts, Bamboo shoots, etc.

Chef Cecilia Lundin gives you kitchen hacks to succeed, among other things, with hawaiikassler
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Watch the cooking time

Do not fry the casserole for a long time, it will dry out, and since it is a salted product, the salt will also be concentrated and the dish will feel too salty.

Gratan Cassler

pasta with casserole

Hawaiian Casserole

cassler pie

Cannelloni with tagine

Cassler gratin with potatoes

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