Easter buffet – recipes for herring, lamb, salmon and …

Easter buffet with herring, puff pastry and Easter cake
Pictured: Anders Norsell

Recipes for a delicious Easter buffet – from delicious herring, crunchy pancakes and roe chips to roast lamb and delicious Easter cake. Easter dinner where so much can be prepared in time. Cook and have fun!

Set up an Easter buffet with everything we want from a good spring dinner – herring, pancakes with pickled salmon, crunchy chips and, of course, lamb. Make these well-prepared recipes created by Bitte E: son Forsberg and you’ll have a successful Easter buffet.

Planning an Easter Buffet

1 day ago:

Boil eggs for herring

Add cucumber and radish herring

Add onions and herbs

Bake hummus

Bake the chocolate base for the cake

8 hours ago:

Mix citrus juice with syrup to drink

Make the raspberry mousse and finish the cake

Mix the mixture and make horseradish cream in pancakes

3 hours ago:

Prepare vegetables and almonds roasted lamb pesto

just before:

warm dish mat

Make primrose chips using roe

Fry meat and vegetables

Here are the recipes for a beautiful and delicious Easter buffet:

Matcha Food and Beverage

Feel free to set up a small drinks buffet so that guests can choose their favorites!

beer: Jämtlands India Pale Ale (89796), Sweden, 21:90 (33 cl). A fresh, aromatic beer with hints of dried fruit, herbs and an integrated and pleasant bitterness.

Snaps: OP Anderson Petronella (101), Sweden, 139 kr (35 cl). An organic liqueur with hints of cumin and anise and a light, fresh apple flavor at the end.

wine: Domaene Gobelsburg Langenlois Grüner Veltliner 2020 (6287) Austria 119 kr. White wine with a distinctive new style. Below are streaks of pear, herbs, grapes, and a touch of light white pepper. Borgogno Langhe Rosso 2020 (70384), Italy, DKK 109. A red wine with good freshness and energy, notes of cherry, violet and a hint of vanilla. Well rounded taste.

dessert wine: Brachetto d’ Acqui Braida 2020, Italy (6260), 99 kr (37.5 cl). A pearly red wine with balanced sweetness, a light floral touch, and hints of chocolate and red berries.

Non-alcoholic: Sigtuna Non Alco Pale Ale (1975), Sweden, 15:90 (33 cl). A non-alcoholic beer that tastes fresh, aromatic and slightly crunchy. Nice bitterness with a little grape and orange.

Recipe and design Bitte E: son Forsberg Photo Anders Norrsell

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