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Dietitian Ulrica Davidson Over the years many men and women have been guided to a healthier and more sustainable diet. After the success of the book series 66 day challenge Ulrika is now releasing the first part of a new book series: 21 Day Challenge – KETO.

In her new cookbook series with 21-day diet charts and recipes, Ulrika Davidsson offers easy-to-cook good, low-carb recipes full of nutritional joy. The book also contains an effective diet based on the popular keto diet – a low-carb food with a lot of protein that gives more strength, strengthens the immune system, but above all makes a difference on the scales. Keto is the diet taken after first GI and then LCHF. It is a diet that is appreciated by both men and women and 21 days with Ketodate Ulrica gives tangible results.

The keto, or ketogenic diet, is a diet that involves eating to get the body into a state called ketosis. This is achieved by following a strict low-carb diet with 15-50 grams of carbohydrates per day, plenty of animal protein, natural fats, and plenty of leafy greens.

“It’s all about healthy cooking and diet schedules that yield results and facilitate daily planning. This in turn means you can focus on the goal: to increase burn-in, exercise and recovery,” says Ulrika Davidson.

In the new book, we enjoy good proteins like seafood, meat, and chicken. You don’t have to count points or weigh your food, but instead you can enjoy Béarnaise sauce, aioli, and other delicious food seasonings. The recipes count calories and carbs and there are dishes like chicken gratin with kale and porcini cheese, salmon with vegetables, taco salad, ratatouille with halloumi and much more. Occasional desserts are also included in the table.

Within 21 days, the body has time to adapt and show results, while there is limited time to test the diet and be able to maintain it all the way to the goal. Within 21 days, a significant change in health occurs on several levels. Get both fit, healthy and slim!

21 Day Challenge – KETO Contains facts that help the reader understand the science behind the keto diet: What types of proteins and carbohydrates are there? What type of fat should you choose for optimal health and stable energy throughout the day? What is ketosis and what happens in the body when it ends up in ketosis? There are also shopping lists for each week that make the book handy in the hectic daily life.

Ulrika Davidson He is a registered dietitian, recipe maker, and bestselling cookbook author. It is one of the most popular diet and health regimens in Sweden. Over the years, she has helped thousands of people lead a healthier lifestyle with her online courses and cookbooks with healthy food selling over a million copies.

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21 Day Challenge – KETO | ISBN 978-91-987047-6-1 | Released on August 9
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