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Dishes with fresh salica sausage have recently become a hot trend, and various recipes are constantly shared on social media with hot and delicious sausage. But how can you use salicica in the best way, and what are the pitfalls to watch out for?

Can be used as minced meat

Probably many people are accustomed to eating sausage as it is – either as a classic sausage with bread, or in pieces, for example, in a sausage pot. But the advantage of fresh sausage – like fresh sauce – is that it can be cracked and used in other exciting ways.

Salicia is made of minced pork marinated in different types of spices and stuffed with falafel. If you remove the skin, you’ll get a flavorful pork that can be fried and used in different dishes, says Cecilia Lundin, an expert at Allt om Mat.

Food expert Cecilia Lundin thinks chopped salicica can be used in everything from pasta dishes to pot pies.
Photo: Cornelia Nordstrom

From lasagna to pudding in the pan

It’s very popular to cook pasta dishes with salicia sauce, but Cecilia believes that spicy ground beef can also be used in a number of other types of dishes. It is important to test yourself to find your favorite things.

“Only imagination sets limits, use ground beef in lasagna, mix it with boiled potatoes and fry it like a saucepan in a skillet, fry ground meat and use it as a filling in a pie, pizza, or in tacos,” says Cecilia.

Make sure to cook the sausages

Cecilia says Salician sausage is made with minced pork, so it’s a good idea to make sure it’s well-cooked when you cook it.

– Make sure the sausage is well cooked, as ground pork is not recommended. Also keep in mind that ground beef is greasy, meaning you don’t need to add more fat, oil, or butter when it’s being fried, says Cecilia.

While it is fine to open fresh sausages and cook with their contents, it is also beneficial to eat the whole sausage as is.

Salsiccia means sausage in Italian. In Italy, it may not be served with bread much, but it is more common to serve it whole roasted with, say, polenta or potato salad, says Cecilia.

Easy stew with sauce

Wonderful pizza

Simple pasta all in one

Delicious soup with salica sauce

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