Chef and musician Frederick Saal: “Japanese builders built this madness”

Friedrich Zahl has updated four new cookbooks, as well as his three children’s books that have just been released as audiobooks, with specially written sound effects and music. If the name sounds familiar even outside the bookshelf, it’s true. Frederick is a guitarist and one of the founders of the band Eskobar, which coincidentally released a new song this spring.

In addition to cookbooks, audiobooks, and music, he runs Zäll’s Smokehouse in Åkersberga and works full time as creative director of cutlery brand Satake. How the equation of time goes together, we’ll come later.

Friedrich Zaal started with music, a musician “from time immemorial”. Then the food came. And with food came books: cookbooks, children’s books and now also reading audiobooks.

– I’ve always loved food, especially to cook it, not just eat it. When I came home from long trips, I was cooking a lot. It will be complicated and time consuming. Several days are preferred. My then-girlfriend, now a wife, thought I should write the recipes, so I did.

From a world tour to a book contract

This was in 2005. Frederick Zaal has been touring the world for fifteen years, ever since Escobar took off in 1999, measured based on touring. Instead, the food got a bigger place. By cooking at Nyhetsmorgon on TV4 and blogging Lyxlagat, Fredrik Zaal secured a publishing contract for a cookbook.

– Or I got and got, I already bothered to hold a book.

It turns out well, since 2008 there have been 25 cookbooks of different genres.

Music and food go hand in hand. I write music and write recipes. One recipe at a time, write now.

In cookbooks, he wants to give the right atmosphere to the dishes, explain why the recipe remains the same, what beer is suitable, and where the inspiration comes from. This way, the recipes got long and a few years ago, the publishers of Frederick Zahl commented on the whole thing.

“You write such long prescriptions,” he said, “you have to cross them out.” I thought it would be interesting to write something other than recipes. I signed up for an American online education in writing a novel and the degree project was the first part of this series land of dragons.

Loads of audiobooks and other books

There were two other parts of the stories about tattoos that Frederick lied to his children. If the kids get what they want, there will be more books. Now it is also possible to listen to books about the land of dragons, which Friedrich Zahl read in his studio at home.

– I have such freedom because I wrote it myself. I wrote the music and added the sound effects, I think kids and teens want that.

It is not only his books that he has read. A year ago a musician friend asked him, Can he produce audiobooks? Of course he can. Without planning it, Frederick happened to read it too. There were seven and eight books.

It is fun to challenge yourself and feel better and better for each book. I obviously benefit from music, have an incredible amount of studio experience and know sound technology. I listen a lot to audiobooks myself, and I think this is important.

Cookbooks as audiobooks?

However, there are no cookbooks of your own as audiobooks yet.

– There are some ideas for an interactive cookbook, but they are just loose ideas.

In 2022, Frederick Zahl will release four cookbooks. Summer food: herring and seafoodAnd the Barbecue and smoke: barbecue – vegetables, meat, fish and poultryAnd the Asian Food: Sushi, Szechuan, Korean BBQ And the crockery and slow cooker. Grill and smoke is a remake of a previous edition, with a long chapter in the middle as a travel diary to capture that atmosphere that previously served up long recipes.

If the kids decide, there will be more children’s books. The publisher is also studying new texts on the cookbook’s shelf.

– I was asked to write some form of a band autobiography, but I didn’t really get the idea on it. I have a horror script that I wrote with a friend. He is lying and resting now.

The Japanese structure behind productivity

So how does this fit in with the hours of the day? It still takes time to write books, run a restaurant, read books, publish music, and have a full-time job. The solution is a kind of parallel coexistence work and doing everything yourself. Fredrik Zahl takes all the pictures for the books himself and doesn’t have to book and wait for a photographer. Perhaps the knife can be seen in the photo, which can also be used in the marketing of knives. Several book projects can be done at the same time. This summer, the family is vacationing in the archipelago.

– But I’ll cook here too.

There is also another explanation for the incredible efficiency that comes from Eskobar’s tours of Japan.

– We got a table, write 13.02 Paul. 13.04 Do this. 13:07 Do this. It’s been great, I’m starting to do it on my calendar. If you know something takes 18 minutes, write it down. The Japanese structure built this madness.

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